In Ukraine there was a Union “pit Bull” night hunters on drunk drivers

According to the patrol police of Ukraine, for 8 months of this year occurred in the capital 573 accidents caused by drunk drivers. Throughout Ukraine from 1 January to 31 July — 3398 accident (in the same period last year — 5789 RTA). All around the country from January to August 2017 was delayed 37 990 drivers operating a car while intoxicated. They are not afraid of penalties — from 10 to 40 thousand UAH. To deal with this phenomenon came from citizens United for more than a year ago, the militant group under the name “pit Bull”. They go to the night shift under popular Metropolitan institution, where he is kept drunk visitors from trying to sit behind the wheel and reported drunken driving patrol. In addition to Kiev, their “pit bulls” are Odessa, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv. Activists believe that only thanks to the indifference of the citizens to fight drunk driving. Journalists “Today” went to night RAID along with the “pit bull” and saw how they struggle with drunk drivers.

Tipsy. Another car stopped on the tip of the activists. Photo: Pitbull Kiev

In action. Using “pit bulls” to catch 10 drunk drivers. Photo: Pitbull Kiev

23:00 meeting with “pit bulls”

With “pit bulls” we meet on Saturday evening near the Palace of sports. At the checkout notice the noisy company of about twenty men and women of all ages. They are laughing, trading stories and sipping coffee from a Cup. It is here at 23:00 fees are “petroleuses” before the RAID. “Now let’s wait for all the guys, then the police will instruct and go into the RAID. Today we have three locations: establishments in the prospectus Bazhana and Stepan Bandera, as well as the street food festival on the street Belomorskaya” — tells us one of the organizers of the “pit bull” Yaroslav Adamenko.

“Last year in a drunken accident killed our friend. He was sitting in the car, talking on the phone, and at this point at full speed flew into the car. It turned out that the culprit was drunk. After this incident we decided to organize themselves. First went a small company — three of the crew. Watched under the institutions for those who tried in a drunken state to get behind the wheel, reporting such drivers to the police. Then created his own group in social networks. Quite quickly we began to join like-minded people. Two months later we already went to raids thirty crews — more than seventy people. This allowed to cover more than ten different establishments in Kiev”, — says Yaroslav. During one night shift, which is usually held in the night from Friday to Saturday, the guys reveal about 10 drunk drivers. “I try to cover all areas of Kiev. Mostly duty by Nightclubs, bars, restaurants. During the briefing, distributed locations depending on the number of crews. Between koordiniruyutsya in mobile chat. The hardest thing is to sit and wait under the school. When we see the “client”, getting behind the wheel, transmit the coordinates of its COP car, they stop and check,” explains the activist.


  • In Crimea 5 thousand dollar fine the activists of the paid coins 10 rubles

According to Yaroslav, the conscious drivers who agree to take a taxi or the driver and not to get drunk behind the wheel, units. Caught on hot drivers trying to escape, rude and sometimes strive to give physical resistance. Often caught behind the wheel drunk not only men but also women, who show considerable ingenuity to avoid punishment. “In the city centre, stopped a car with two girls. Lady driver-a few hours delayed of the test to dragør. It is clear that early in the morning, when the lady agreed to take the test, the device practically nothing is not revealed”, — says Yaroslav. Sometimes drunk drivers out of trouble even a miracle. “I was on duty under the restaurant on the Avenue Bazhana. From swaying to the side, left the man and headed to his car. Only by some miracle his car didn’t start and he left in a taxi. In some institutions, we help the guards, telling what the customer is driving is already “ripe” and it should be stopped. Sometimes protection on the side of the visitors, telling them that we are watching them. In such a situation, the guard can help the client to drive his car away from our eyes, and around the corner to give him the car. But this is the path to the light or next to a terrible accident,” — says Yaroslav Adamenko.

Before night RAID about 20 “pit bulls” drink coffee, talk and get acquainted with the activists of the time. Photo: D. Pavlov

Work closely with the cops

As we speak, drive more RAID members, followed by the crew of the patrol. Yaroslav has summoned everyone to the briefing: “I Greet all who have gathered for another RAID on catching drunk drivers. Now we are distributed to the crews and try to cover three places. Go places and observe those who are trying to get behind the wheel drunk. Go for it driver and in parallel inform on phone patrol”. Recommendations we are given and the cops arrived. “Cooperate this way: if you notice that the driver is in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, immediately notify us. If you eat such, you should not violate traffic rules, keep a greater distance to the intruder you have not noticed and could not opelate. We stop the driver and check the information received from you. If the suspicion is confirmed, if you wish, you can be a witness when drafting a Protocol,” says the Lieutenant of police Alexander Shevchenko. According to him, with the activists the cops work for a year. “The guys help us a lot. Those who tries to get behind the wheel drunk after the restaurant, it becomes less,” says the patrol.

Together. Activists cops koordiniruyutsya. Photo: D. Pavlov

The road: with the girls in a jeep

After instructing the players go into the RAID. We get the duty under the school on the street white sea, where that day is a festival of street food. Where we’re going in an SUV with two activists — “the veteran” “pit bull” Ruslana Plakhotnichenko and Oksana Trokhimchuk, which joined the activists a month earlier.
On a question, whether terribly to be on duty at night only a women’s team, the girls shake their heads, but admit that extreme cases still happen. “Two weeks ago, in the RAID we were one driver on a BMW. The man was obviously drunk. He drove us for a long time in the yards, then slammed on the brakes, jumped out of the car sharply and headed back down to our cars. Wanted, apparently, to figure things out. Fortunately, in time to the rescue came our boys. God knows what I could come up with this driver, because, according to the patrol, in the car he even found drugs,” recalls Oksana.
Their stories shared and Ruslan. “Once the guys helped stop a car with a female driver, which is in the glove box I found the gun, and in the back seat — empty bottles of alcohol. There was another case at the station where we accidentally stopped. Is “seven” in the cabin sleeping drunken body, but this time they are on the car locksmiths are changing the punctured wheel. Fortunately they were stopped by the police. In General, during a RAID that only from drunk drivers will not hear. And stories about non-alcoholic wine, and all sorts of insults” — says Ruslan. “Sometimes drunk drivers to sit behind the wheel making their acquaintances, friends and relatives. Fools!” — adds Oksana.

According to the girls, many current activists to become “pit bulls” pushed personal grief. “Someone’s drunken accident claimed the life of another, someone- a relative. Sister of my best friend five years ago in an accident lost a young son and husband. Their car crashed into a woman in an SUV. The lady was tipsy. The worst thing is that this woman was not arrested, and I can not recover from the grief of this day,” — says Oksana.

In the RAID. On duty, we travel with two girls. Photo: D. Pavlov

Birthday cake in the face, and champagne

On the way to the place we stop at the convenience store to buy a cake and a bottle of champagne. As explained, one of the activists was a birthday, and by tradition, all “picbounce” congratulations on the birthday in a rather unusual way. “He gets cake in the face, and he poured champagne, but without taking inside. We have this tradition themselves invented,” — says Ruslan. Half an hour later, when the cake has reached its goal, and all the birthday wishes made, we go further. On the way stop by in the restaurant on the Avenue Bazhana. As it turns out, that yet another “pit bulls” recently had a birthday, and for him, the girls bought ice cream and mineral water. “The guy still on duty,” explains Oksana and out of the car. Under the school night life: the noise, the laughter of visitors, some fuelled by alcohol directly into the Parking lot. “Good evening. Glad to see you,” the greeting Ruslana guy was obviously being drunk. “I’m drinking tonight, but not driving. Guys drink too. The one behind the wheel in the taxi going back home,” says the young man, slightly swaying. Noticing our question in his eyes, Ruslan replies: “These guys we know. They are frequent visitors of this institution. Tell us sometimes about those who are trying drunk to take the wheel.” Waiting for Oksana, we finally go to the festival. “Just in time to get there. In two or three a.m. visitors are already well drunk and begin to disperse to their homes”, explains Ruslan.

Tradition. Boyfriend, the birthday boy poured champagne from head to toe. Photo: D. Pavlov

The catch: drunk 6 led for night

Approaching the place, parked on the empty Parking lot. Right in the center of the Parking lot walks a big company. Drunken girls and guys without hesitation to dancing barefoot on the pavement. Hyundai cars in which salon playing loud music, and on top of the trunk are the glasses half-full beer, obviously belongs to someone from the company. Parked next to a Mercedes, next to which notice half a bottle of vodka. “Our “customers” — says Ruslan. — It seems that the driver of “Mercedes” — that tall, skinny guy. But he seems sober”, — says Oksana. Less than half an hour slim driver of the Mercedes, taking over the company rather tipsy friend gets in car and leaves. “This is most likely a maneuver to distract our attention from the second car,” says Ruslan and follows the car. After leaving the Parking area, we make hook, back to the place, Parking away from the noisy company, not to attract attention, and continue to wait. According to the girls, sometimes the raids and end at 10 am and even at noon. In half an hour returned a Mercedes. His driver parks the car so close to Hyundai. No one doubts that we spotted.

The music. Revelers dance in the Parking lot with alcohol in his hands. Photo: D. Pavlov

“This is to ensure that we were not able to see who will sit behind the wheel of the second car”, — explains Ruslan and decides to tell the patrol to be ready in case revelers will disperse. At three in the morning, when fatigue is acting up, and his eyes involuntarily closed, girls call their colleagues and ask to replace them on location. Arrived “Pitbull” we pass the coordinates of both cars and leaving. Literally 10 minutes on the phone Ruslana rings from replacing us activists. “They are leaving?! And they checked out?” — asks with the excitement of the girl. As it turns out, almost immediately after we left the party abruptly ended. However, both drivers were sober. In the centre of the city we say goodbye to the activists, wishing them a successful RAID. Just a night of our duty “Pitbull” failed to calculate six drunk drivers.

The after-party. Drunk guys and girls having fun all night. Photo: D. Pavlov