Andriy Pavelko: “We want to go to the 2018 world Cup. And so it was not in Russia”

— What are you going to do with a potentially explosive match Ukraine — Turkey in September 2017 after a recent game of the Champions League “Dynamo” — “Besiktas” on the stands NSC only by miracle has done without victims?
— We will prepare jointly with law enforcement agencies, embassies, local authorities, to such unrest is not repeated.

— Where will be match?
The decision will be taken by the FFU Executive Committee. Consider all the options and choose the stadium where will be the most safe. Of course, this match will be in the zone of heightened attention of authorities. Will create the organizing Committee and the special Commission to prevent a repetition of large-scale rioting that took place with Turkish teams before.

— Can there be a limit on the number of fans who will be allowed to arrive from Turkey for the match?
— The kind of questions we can discuss only in conjunction with UEFA and FIFA. Together with the competent authorities need to be able to find solutions in different situations, especially on the eve of the Kiev finals of the Champions League in 2018. It is about a whole range of measures. Need to hear the opinion of the authorities responsible for security. And to do everything to the city for the fight in the first place, he left the game, not the actions of bullies.

— We want to go to the 2018 world Cup in Russia or not?
— We want to go to the world Cup, and he was not in Russia.

Head of FIFA Infantino says that Russia take the world Cup will not be…
— First, we have not yet won the right anywhere to go. Let’s take part in the finals of the world Cup, and then we decide to go, not to go. By that time, maybe still something will happen, doping and other investigations can have its consequences. But then again I wouldn’t want to comment because we haven’t qualified for the world Cup.

— Who will decide whether or not to go to Russia?
— The FFU Executive Committee with consideration of public opinion.

— That is not the authorities?
Again, this should be an informed decision. And if we don’t get the right performance, what we talking about? Will the world Cup in Russia, will not… It is the competence of international bodies. My responsibility is to do everything that our team had created the best conditions for quality training for every game and it showed the best result — took first place in qualifying group or went to the world Cup via the playoffs. And then we will think about other issues.

— On the day Parliament adopted the country’s budget by 2017. You, as the head of the Budget Committee of the Parliament, did not attend thinking that it would be fairer if the players of our clubs have paid taxes from their salaries in full?
— Taxes have to pay it. Nobody has the right to some indulgence. My words are not related to the fact that I am the head of the Budget Committee. Although due to this post I can see how hard it is the country and how each hryvnia important for the budget. No need to make someone exceptions. Everyone who works and lives in our country should understand that taxes just is the budget. So, again, pay taxes.

— Do you feel the players follow this rule?
— It must check the competent authorities and to give their assessment.