The West is waiting for Putin’s “suicide”: Russia has no money to pay Trump

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and the American President Donald trump said that the meeting of leaders of Russia and the United States will take place. Allegedly it was agreed that Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will meet on 7-8 July at the G20 summit in Hamburg. What steps Russia is waiting for the West and why they would be equal to suicide of the head of the Kremlin, “Apostrophe” said Russian journalist and publicist Leonid Radzikhovsky.

Relations between the United States and Russia formally exist. Anybody did not declare war, diplomatic relations did not tear. Another question. When trump was elected, there was much talk about the “big deal” between Russia and America. Both then and now, it is unclear what kind of deal it is. Because the deal is — commodity-money. The goods, which Russia would like to have from America is the lifting of the sanctions, especially financial. Also the Russian Federation is necessary that the States ceased to put pressure on the Europeans, forcing them to renew their sanctions. In addition, there are personal sanctions, which are quite painful for many Russian senior officials and businessmen. But what money of the Russian Federation for this product may pay?

All these euphoric enthusiasm from trump’s psychologically understandable, but the Russian elite, no matter how they strutted or whatever to lighten up, was tired of confrontation with the West. Because included in this opposition in a state of intoxication, stupor, and now sober, no prospects here, no way out of the impasse there. Elite is tired and wants the lifting of sanctions. Hence the euphoria about trump. But, besides drinking champagne and talking about what trump is good, Russia the West has nothing to offer.

On the Ukrainian direction no changes in Russia, too, can not offer. The Crimea call no, no it never give. In the Donbass Russia has made everything that could: the conflict is frozen. Neither of which the implementation of the Minsk agreements speech to begin with, they were complete bullshit. But it is not like the West and would suit a solemn and significant retreat of Russia. Exactly the same as when in the 90s the Russian troops were withdrawn from Europe to thunderous orchestras. But Putin can not go because for him it would be suicide. Remains the second direction — Syria. In endless conversations about how to fight together with ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), fight together with terrorism, nothing real there. The whole Titanic struggle in Syria for nearly two years came down to the fact that she stood up for the rule of Bashar al-Assad, but no one needs neither in Europe nor in America. ISIS has more or less successfully fight the Americans. Than they then can Russia help? Well, there are Russian planes more active in bombing ISIS, but the military technically it does nothing. Insignificant Supplement.

Ground troops in Syria, Putin would never send in. It’s impossible, and that he would give the Crimea. Because in Russia it will cause an explosion, the population will get mad, everyone will see this as Afghanistan. There is, of course, would be psychological, a PR stunt. It would look verhaftete: as before, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, now Putin, trump and any European leader with huge fanfare, hugging proclaimed “anti-Hitler coalition”, the Union sign any agreement on joint fight against ISIL. Unfortunately, such a move would be impossible, because Putin has done everything to make him demonized in the West, no less than Stalin at the time. But Stalin, the West was vital, and Putin does not need them.

So the actual relations between the US and Russia in terms of lifting of sanctions, the extension of financial contacts, technological, and also that it is very important for Russia to defuse tensions, confrontation will not. There are many reasons for this state of things. Trump all the time hangs in the balance. Continued talk about suspicious links with Russia. Any step in the direction of Russia will be viewed through a magnifying glass and but trouble, nothing Trump will not bring, and the benefits for him no no.

Trump is a very silly Russian efforts to intervene in the American elections, which returned like a boomerang. From his election Russia nothing is fucked. It is because too suspicious these contacts and communications. Why was it so fiercely, his tongue, to shout: long live Le Pen? It was clear that she would fail in the elections. Why was it necessary to antagonize the new President of France? Incredible stupidity. If Russia is not waved, the President-elect of France Emmanuel Makron I’d treat her much more tolerant.

But it’s not the trump or Le Pen, but the fact that Russia is still the West has nothing to offer. And Russia is in need of financial injections of the West — it companies need cheap loans. The Russian elite really wants to have relations and ties with the West. Russian society as a whole, is pumped with anti-Western dope, tired of it all. There must be a sine wave, at least. If there was a lift that drunken courage, there must be a decline. For Putin, if he’s going to be elected in 2018, that would be great progress to show: here, we have kept all their gains, is vital to the Crimea, kept the vital Donbass and reconciled with the West. The West understood and realized that we were right — the historical, psychological, political. And in the subtext that this means that the West is on the knees and on the belly should crawl to Russia. But not the same: the West is not necessary, and only the Russian Federation.

Leonid Radzikhovsky, a Russian journalist and publicist.