What you need to do once you woke up: tips

Morning gathering almost all are the same. But few people realize that it is necessary to Supplement this schedule with a pair of simple but effective techniques, and the beginning of the day will move much easier.

We have gathered 5 useful morning rituals, which everyone vaguely heard, but did not dare to commit, writes “Home”.

Massage the ears

Ears massage will help the body to finally Wake up. It can be done early in the morning, still lying in bed. Effects on sensitive portions of the ear positively affects the well-being and gives energy. Take into consideration a couple of techniques as it is completely not difficult.

A glass of warm water with lemon

Reasons to give up coffee on an empty stomach in the use of warm water with lemon typed a dozen. This drink improves the functioning of digestive system, liver and intestines, removes toxins, strengthens the immune system – in General, use in pure form. Do not have to squeeze the juice of a whole lemon, one dose will be sufficient and quarters. It is desirable to make the interval between administration of of lemon drink and Breakfast in 20-30 minutes.

Tongue cleaning

That it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day, we know from childhood. But to limit it is not: the language is also going to a lot of bacteria that contribute to odor, dental plaque, dental caries and gum disease. For the purification of the language will fit a regular toothbrush. Just don’t press it hard not to damage the back of the tongue.

A spoon of honey

Honey energizes in the morning, stimulates memory and health cures cough and relieves Allergy symptoms. So start your day with one teaspoon of honey is undoubtedly the perfect solution. You must do it for 10-15 minutes before Breakfast, and there is to be fresh and natural honey. If, however, pure honey seems too cloying, you can dilute it in a glass of water – the effect is the same.

Rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution

To finish the morning of the procedure, rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution. There is nothing extreme enough to correctly observe the proportions: 5-7 drops of 3% solution per 50 ml of water. It is important to add the peroxide to water and not Vice versa. This habit will help in whitening teeth, reducing bad breath, as well as in the treatment and prevention of gum disease.