Dollar 30 hryvnia until: Marchenko told about the course

The Minister saw the improvement of the balance of payments without a devaluation of the hryvnia

In Ukraine in connection with the resignation of the last head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy sounded reminders of the authorities about the rate of 30 UAH per dollarbudgeted. However, the Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko sees no prerequisites for the achievement of such a course. The head of the Ministry of Finance said in an interview with the magazine “Focus”.

“I see no prerequisites for the achievement of a course of this magnitude. And do not see the tools with which anybody can affect the price movement in this direction. Moreover, in connection with the quarantine the volume of imports to Ukraine decreased by 18%, while exports fell by only 6%, which actually leveled the balance of payments. That is, the outflow of currency from the country has decreased, and this reduces the pressure on the currency market”, – stated Marchenko.

The course is 30 and the hole in the budget: economists have harshly criticized the increase of salaries in Ukraine

However, he added that the country needs the hryvnia, providing macroeconomic stability.

“If the revaluation or devaluation will be a reason, such processes must occur gradually to prevent shock to the market situation”, – said the Minister.