Endless flight of Amelia Earhart

This adventurous story is an amazing and strong woman. The story is still an open end. It is known for only one thing: what happened to Amelia Earhart (Amelia Earhart) 2 July 1937 or maybe a few days later, in any case can be called a tragedy.

Amelia Earhart, born in 1897 in Kansas, was something of heavenly grace Kelly (Grace Kelly), attractive, confident, stunningly beautiful woman. The second of July, 1937, a few days before his fortieth birthday, she would disappear. But what Amelia Earhart in his unfortunately short life managed to achieve, or rather made, would, as they say, need two, no, three lives.

In childhood my daughter is an alcoholic lawyer climbing trees in the garden of his grandmother, where she grew up, hunting for rodents with small caliber rifle, I wanted to learn a sure male profession and, despite the completed nursing courses at Boston military hospital, became a social worker.

She interrupted his medical education in new York. Before Amelia became interested in the needs of women who wanted to “liberate from the cells of their sex”, and impressed by the experience obtained in the military hospital, where they nursed the wounded during the First world war, joined the socialist-pacifist groups.

To realize her dream, she worked for 30 different and always low-paying jobs: Amelia Earhart wanted to be a pilot, one of the first. In 1921, she began taking flying lessons skill within six months she had already bought her own plane, which shortly thereafter set a world record for altitude on a plane among women. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh) first solo flew nonstop from new York to the European continent in Paris, in 1928 followed him, though only as a passenger, Amelia Earhart.

For the first time alone to the distance between the continents she flew in 1932. She wanted to land in Paris, but nevertheless has been forced to make unexpected emergency landing in Northern Ireland, and then claimed that “if, during this maneuver and suffered some kind of cow, not as a result of the collision, and fright”.

So Amelia Earhart became the first woman pilot to fly across the Atlantic ocean, and the first person who crossed it in flight twice, passively and actively. She met the publisher George Patamon (George P. Putnam), who had to propose six times before she agreed to marry.

The idea to fly on a plane around the globe along the equator didn’t give her peace for a long time. On may 21, 1937 she and her Navigator Fred Noonan (Fred Noonan) on the aircraft, “Lockheed-Electra” 10E went from Miami to this risky flight. 2 July, overloaded with fuel, the plane she flew from New Guinea to cross the Pacific and land in the United States. This was to be the last part of the journey, which so far has been successful.

Amelia Earhart wanted to use a small island of Howland for refueling, the uninhabited islet of sand in a vast ocean that she was going to find with the help of one of the patrol ship of a coast guard “Itasca”. The crew of the patrol boat sent signals and received radio messages from the cockpit, but they had heard only that Earhart had not received life-saving signal bearing from the ship.

When radio contact was finally broken, the U.S. government promptly organized the largest in aviation history search operations. But to no avail, Electra 10E were never found. Crashed if Amelia Earhart at sea? No wreckage, no bodies were found then.

Meanwhile, new data suggest at least the unfortunate scenario of the accident. In this case deviated from the course, the pilot could make an emergency landing at low tide on Nickumaroro, an uninhabited Atoll in the Western Pacific ocean. Say that then someone is in the area of this island even received radio signals of unknown origin that could have come from the Electra.

This suggests that the plane crashed on land and not drowned in the Pacific ocean, Amelia Earhart would live to wait for rescue on the island. But the tide could rip the plane into the sea.

Perhaps she is weak from thirst, hunger or wounds

Identifiable wreckage of the Electra were not found until today. Because, unfortunately, in 1929, just on the Atoll crashed and sank the ship “SS Norwich City”. All search teams discovered the wreckage believed to be the consequences of the shipwreck and continued to search the aircraft.

According to this version, Amelia Earhart and her Navigator for several days were exhausted by thirst, hunger, or perhaps from his wounds. They say even found the remains of their possible temporary camp.

In fact, today we know nothing. To change this, in 1988 the investigation started by the international group for the restoration of historical truth about the aircraft (TIGHAR). The organization adheres to the version Nickumaroro and already funded — also proved fruitless — search operation with the use of expensive robotic submarine. Nevertheless, the search continues.

In January 1939, the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart was declared dead. Jackie Cochran (Jackie Cochran), fellow pilots and to this day one of the most famous pilots of the United States, at the ceremony of farewell to this extraordinary woman said, “If her flight brought her into eternity, to mourn her loss, but not regret her effort. Amelia did not lose, because her last flight was infinite.”