It is necessary to conduct andbinding uz – Kozak

The MP believes that it is necessary to separate passenger traffic from freight

On the basis of “Ukrzaliznytsya” we need to create more companies that will engage in separate activities. This was stated by people’s Deputy Taras Kozak, writes “Commander in chief”.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” like a separate company. But it also includes a variety of assets. This way, it and passenger transport, it and deadlifts, locomotives, it, and freight cars of different formats. This property of some kind, station and more. That is, it is a huge amount of property that requires particular audit is very serious, serious structures, the understanding of what is there at all that it is needed, what is not necessary. Then this all needs to restructure, that is divided into certain companies, and in these certain companies where it is possible to let the private investor,” – said Kozak.

According to him, the need to hold unbundling “Ukrzaliznytsia”, in particular, to separate passenger transport from freight and to establish clear rules on the transport market and monitor their compliance.

“It may be, for example, passenger transportation. Or it could be freight transport. It may just be craving some specific companies, which between them will begin to compete, so it was not a monopoly. That is, relatively speaking, on the basis of “uz” freight to create a 2-3-4 of the company, each of them to sell wholly or partially in private hands and control of the fight between them that it was not collusion, and competition for the customer who needs to transport goods,” – said Kozak.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference marking the first anniversary of the presidency, said that the question of the reform of “Ukrzaliznytsia” will be back in a month after the end of quarantine, noting that now it exists only on paper.