Landslides in Bangladesh killed more than 100 people

Heavy rains and landslides have killed at least 134 people in Bangladesh, many of them buried in their homes. AFP reported, reports UNN.

As reported by the head of Department of disaster management, the death toll could rise as some areas are still cut off.

About 30 people were killed in Chittagong and six in Bandarban, and about 15 people went missing, noting that perhaps they are buried under dirt.

Landslides have killed at least 98 people in one of the districts of Chittagong, Rangamati.

Authorities opened 18 shelters in the most affected mountain areas, where they were evacuated 4,500 people.

As noted by the head of Department of disaster management, when the rains, then you can get a full picture of the damage and to enter rehabilitation work.

As reported in the earthquake on the island of Lesbos injured 10 people.