Clarín (Argentina): the Russian tank turns into a “submarine”, passing through the shallows, and continues to perform the task

In a shocking video shows a deadly weapon. Tank T-72B3 plunged into the pond to a depth of five meters, and then he appeared as if nothing had happened. Due to the innovations of the last generation was able to improve the model. The video is just impressive. It is possible to see the Russian battle tank, the construction of which for decades have made structural changes, is immersed in shallow water and appears again on the surface.

Anyone thinks this tank is an unprecedented deadly weapon. Video battle tank T-72B3, which is repeatedly improved to achieve this task during a training exercise near the city of Orenburg, published by the Ministry of defense of Russia.

According to reports RT, the video’s 41-ton tank successfully crosses the pond depth of five meters.

It’s amazing how tank combat completely disappears under water and then emerges on the opposite Bank and continues to perform tasks as if nothing had happened.

The question immediately arises, as the crew breathes. The explanation provided by the Ministry of defense of Russia.

The tank is equipped with a “special duct”, which allows the team to breathe when performing the maneuver.

In addition, representatives of the Ministry of defense noted that due to poor visibility at the bottom of the reservoir, the crew is focused only on those devices which are located onboard. So, of course, necessary to calculate the distance.


T-72 was designed and first produced in the Soviet Union and then in Russia. The tank was commissioned in the early 1970-ies.

In addition, for over 30 years the T-72 was one of the few tanks that were created in five countries. For a long time engaged in the modernization of this model tank.

In 2016, after the improvement of the T-72B3 was equipped with an active armor system with guided missiles and a powerful engine. Was also has an automatic gearbox and digital screens.