Residents of Donetsk City-the diamond turns into Russian hinterland

More than two years Donetsk was under control of the self-proclaimed “authorities”, which promised the city the prosperity and improve the quality of life. However, the reality is quite different. The townspeople say that during the reign of the so-called “DNR” life in the city became worse.

Payment under the fear of “pressing”

Residents of the occupied territories noted that the self-proclaimed “authorities” constantly declaring that “the Republic of” low rates on utilities. However, the Pitmen have to spend almost the lion’s share of their income to pay utilities receipts.

“I live alone in a one bedroom apartment, for which each month has to pay 1100 rubles (480 USD), — says the pensioner Anna Kovalova. — It seems to be a bit, but assuming that I have a pension of 2,200 rubles (960 UAH) half lay immediately to pay the bills. And subsidies no no, to me in interviews and said — not provided. Husband died long ago, and the kids are far away and can’t come to help me. That though as-that ends with the ends, had to get a job part-time as a cleaner in the hospital, and it’s only a little more than 1000 rubles (460 hryvnia). It turns out that in my 67 years I have to decide to go to work with his sores, or pay communal and die from hunger”.

Donetsk residents say they are forced to pay utility bills in fear of forced eviction. “All this has been the fear that if not to pay the rent, her “natsionaliziruyut” — in simple words, your house is simply “squeeze” — says Donetsk citizen Valentine green. — Especially in the hallways constantly post lists of debtors, and if you don’t pay, will come to the local “officers” and simply thrown into the street, and the fact that people have money for a piece of bread — no one cares.”

The danger in every home

However, the quality of public services, according to local residents, worse on the eyes. It is recognized by the utility, for example, warning people about the dangers of drinking water from the tap. “KP “Donetskgorvodokanal” strongly recommends to boil water for 7-10 minutes”, — stated in the message of municipal services.

The Donetsk residents say that recently the water quality has decreased significantly. “In 2014-2015, the water in the tap was really bad, says Donetsk citizen Valentina Grigoryeva. — Smelled like mud and had a yellowish color. When around the city of fierce fighting, were always shortages of water. We were doing inventory, collect water in all containers. Bath was always full, just in case. And after a couple of days to my surprise there was no limit when in a bath full of water infested with any larvae similar to tadpoles. It seems to me that this water to drink — how to play the lottery, poisoned or not. And now water is not much better, you can see the sediment of rust, and dry skin almost painfully tightens. So the tap water we use both technical and for cooking and drinking has to go to buy in bulk”.

“Back to the stone age”

Consider themselves deceived Donetsk residents whose homes were damaged during the fighting. The reconstruction of houses and flats if that happens, it is a meager pace and mostly in the center.

“The outlying areas — Petrovka, Kirov, Kuibyshev, in the part where the village of mine “October mine” — there is a broken 9-storey building is connected to utilities, and holes in walls not patched. In the neighborhood textile worker, where it was getting into the house, tenants didn’t wait for any help from the housing Department and for their money, fixed the hole in the wall from a shell. Although came to the whole Commission, took pictures, promised to fix. Repair only where our “heads” PR, they say, how they think about the people. In the Kiev area, Putilovka, also nothing for two years is not done. All say “no money” or “wait your turn”. How much can you expect to live without Windows?” — interested in donchanka Lily Lukomsky.

However, to contact the management company or the housing office for repair is problematic. “On major repairs of houses and stutter do not have, on the porches, too. Emergency service you can call if there is a problem, but we must try. Hard to reach masters, because a bunch of phones listed on the site, such as city administration, are not working. Those who come to fix the problem, not always competent. You have to turn to private owners”, — said the Donetsk Eugene Cheese

In itself, the quality of public services in Donetsk leaves much to be desired. Although the Pitmen are glad that in principle, gas, heat, water.

“When we are at the village of Oktyabrsky three months to live without gas — it was really bad. We like back to the stone age! To cook food on a fire, you know, extremely uncomfortable — says a resident of the village Lyudmila Avdeeva. Long time not hooked up heat, and when the battery became warm, we were terribly happy in the winter not freeze. Not all were able to leave the village, many left, including us.”

The power is out

In addition, the residents are accustomed to power outages. Perhaps, few would be surprised if suddenly blink enabled light will begin to Shine brighter or dimmer. In such circumstances, local inhabitants are used to living in “combat” readiness.

“Unable to turn off the light. That was a week ago, when the electricity was cut down at 10 a.m. and included as many as five in the evening. The neighbors managed to call the electric company — they reported that they have planned work. What is planned, even if the ads were not? So we have candles are always at the ready — you never know when you have extinguished the lamp,” — said donchanka Anastasia Fedorenko.

Complain Donetsk and low voltage electricity, which instead of 220 Volts in some places has not reached 200, making people worry about the damage household appliances.

“We had to buy additional surge protectors to plug in appliances. If the TV will burn — not a problem, but to stay without a refrigerator or washing machine is already a problem. Money for a new no, and the repair can fly a pretty penny, and the light is constantly “jumping” — said the Donetsk Alexander Sokolov.

The old dear with the new pits

One of the most important infrastructure components and utilities of any city, perhaps, can be called the quality of roads. The townspeople say that the situation with the asphalt coating in Donetsk is getting worse every day.

“Those roads that we currently have in the city, were made for Euro 2012 and was supported when he was a normal power — says a local taxi driver Sergey. — Now almost all the main street turned into a ribbed surface, resembling the outer side of the shell. This tank tracks broke the road. Repair asphalt do latecny and not very high quality, for example, in autumn I always saw the road in the rain to work, and it means that the laid asphalt will not remain for long. Is that Boulevard Builders have replaced, but it is a couple of kilometers far from the most Central streets of the city. And so, those roads that have been made in the Ukrainian government. Asphalt though holds, but almost every day on the roads, new potholes, which then grow in the pits. With the pace that our city is a diamond turns into the Russian hinterland. I know what I’m saying! My grandmother lives near Omsk, and I don’t like depression, and in the suburbs — all the darkness”.