Ukraine’s public debt in June rose to $ 85 billion

For the month the country’s debt to creditors increased to 2.89 billion “green”

In June 2020 of public and publicly guaranteed debt in local currency rose by 2.7% (up to 2,269 trillion UAH), and in dollar terms by 3.5% (to 85,01 billion). This is evidenced by data the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

“In June 2020, the amount of public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine increased by UAH equivalent to 59,71 billion, and in dollar terms public and publicly guaranteed debt increased by 2.89 billion.”, – stated in the message.

As at 30 June government and government guaranteed external debt amounted to 1,364 trillion UAH (60,13% of total public and publicly guaranteed debt), or 51,12 billion., and state and state-guaranteed internal debt – 904,79 billion UAH (39,87%), or 33.9 billion.

We will remind, in may, 2020 Ukraine has increased the national debt
. In the national currency it increased by 0.59%, and in dollar terms – 0.83%. State debt in national currency amounted to 2,209 trillion hryvnia and in foreign currency – 82,12 billion.