The Sankei Shimbun (Japan): be enough to Express regret over the illegal actions of other countries concerning the Senkaku Islands and the “Northern territories”

Currently, the public arise to our government questions: “whether it Can ensure the sovereignty of Japanese territories? Could it have something to do for return of lands belonging to us?”

We are talking about the Senkaku Islands (Okinawa Prefecture), which is going to deprive China of the four “Northern Islands” (Hokkaido Prefecture) and the Takeshima (Shimane Prefecture), which were illegally seized by Russia and South Korea respectively.

All wrongful actions of the two countries, the Japanese government is expressing “regrets” or “strong protests”. Although it is quite natural, but it is not enough. The situation with our territorial sovereignty continues to deteriorate.

Although the state of emergency with terrible rains and floods on the island of Kyushu and shielded from the attention of the Japanese other hot topics, but we cannot fail to mention that under the guise of an emergency in Japan, China abruptly increased its offensive actions around the Senkaku Islands. July 7, Japanese forces Manage Maritime security registered the intrusion, four Chinese coast guard ships of the Japanese Maritime areas around the Islands. They were four kilometers away from them, while according to the international standards of the Maritime boundary are 19.3 miles from shore. The presence of the Chinese official vessels in the waters of the Senkaku Islands has lasted for 85 days — it is unprecedented in history. 4-5 July, two Chinese vessels were in Japanese marine space around the Islands for 39 hours and 23 minutes. 2-3 July, they invaded our space at 30 hours and 17 minutes. Because the Chinese military ships repeatedly trying to approach a Japanese fishing schooners, ships safety Management on the sea of Japan were forced to give them protection.

At a press conference on 6 July, the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Yoshihide Suga said he believes the situation “causing deep concern” and protested to the Chinese side. Suga said, “We intend to strongly defend its territory, Maritime and airspace, and will make every effort to closely monitor the situation.”

Japanese Management of safety at sea and the powers of Japan’s self-defense adequately perform its mission. However, it is impossible not to recognize that their positions and actions are some “slits” into which to penetrate China. That is why the Chinese authorities are not going to stop their illegal actions, using the tactic of “cutting the salami in small pieces”.

China is a country that bore down on the enemy with all its might, as soon as it detects weakness. Therefore, Japan is the imperative of maximizing its available deterrent force in order to ensure peace around the Senkaku Islands. It is necessary that our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made a personal effort to ensure that the Japanese presence on the Senkaku Islands, and the protection of their marine waters and decisively strengthened the combat potential of the Japanese self-defense forces.

As for Russia, only that in June she notified the Japanese side about the holding in the sea of Okhotsk, including the waters around the Northern Islands in the Japanese exclusive economic zone, some exploration, which will last for three months. The Japanese government said the protest, but in Russia it did not react.

In June this year South Korea held in the area of Takeshima and air force joint exercises and Maritime police of the country under the pretext of mining issues “defense” of Islands. The Japanese government has restricted protest.

If the answer to these inconsistent actions Japan will not use any real sanctions, how long would the Japanese government declared any protests, our neighbours will not feel the slightest shame.

The Japanese government must come to the discouragement of their policy with much greater seriousness.

Comments Japanese readers


Enough of these “regrets”! It’s time to take effective counter-measures!


Our protests from these countries will not achieve anything. It’s time to take in respect of them serious sanctions.

Hiroshi Yoshida

We must not forget that the Japanese self-defense forces can only act by military means. So hard to dismiss the applications and complaints against violators of international law is unreasonable.


In order to prevent aggression by neighboring countries, Japan should also become a possessor of nuclear weapons and doing everything possible to strengthen their armed forces. We in Parliament are idealists. Brought the matter to the point that we are deadlocked with the problems of the Northern territories, the Senkaku Islands and Takeshima and the Japanese hostage in North Korea.


And in my opinion, the Japanese government has already resigned to the prospect of aggression against our country. The coalition parties are extremely passive in matters of defence. Some activity shows only the opposition.


Their “regrets” you will solve nothing!!


If Japan will do its utmost to protect its sovereignty on the Senkaku Islands, we will never force the opposing side to sit down a negotiating table at the “Northern territories” and Takeshima.


No matter how much we tell his opponents “Stop to scoff at us!”, they won’t stop.


Impotent government. It fought for this unrealistic Comedy: the invitation of XI Jinping to Japan on a state visit.


Right. We need to start with changes to article 9 of our “peace” Constitution!


Villains with empty words won’t stop!

Cola Junky

We have to act, act. Especially in relation to the Senkaku Islands. What is an invasion of our space!?


Japan lacks resolve. Japan lacks wisdom.

shii no hito

In the text of the new Japanese Constitution need to add only one item — “Japan may attack enemy territory”!


When at last the Japanese people could live in peace in their own territory? Some “regrets” and “protests” can’t get there!