Parade in Russia in honor of Navy Day: the year adopted will be made about 40 ships, are equipped with a hypersonic strike complexes (The Paper, China)

On 26 July all of the Russian fleet conducted military parades in honor of the Day of the Navy, noting the 324-th anniversary of the Russian Navy.

On this day the Northern, Baltic, black sea, Caspian and Pacific fleets Russia held military parades in their area, where their support base. In the parade was attended by 15 thousand soldiers, 219 ships of various types and 71 military aircraft.

Russian President and Supreme commander in chief armed forces Vladimir Putin took part in the military parade of the Baltic fleet. About 4000 sailors, 46 ships and more than 40 military aircraft took part in the military parade. First, Putin toured the slender line of ships lined up in the waters of the Kronstadt naval base in the Baltic sea. After that he was on the boat went to the center of Saint-Petersburg in the waters of the Neva river and went ashore to take a military parade in the city on the Neva.

In his speech at the military parade, Putin declared that the modern technical level of equipment of the Russian Navy in recent years constantly improved: in 2020 the Russian Navy will receive a total of about 40 new ships equipped with hypersonic strike complexes.

In addition, the chief of the Navy of Russia Nikolay Evmenov in an interview with the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda” said that Russia’s plan for the construction of ships is being successfully implemented. The number of new ships that the Russian Navy plans to adopt in 2020, is the largest in recent years.

In 1696, Emperor Peter the Great initiated the formation of the Navy, beginning the history of the Russian Navy. Annually last Sunday of July is celebrated in Russia as Day of the Navy.

Comments from readers:

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