Anadolu (Turkey): Ukraine is in favour of tougher sanctions against Russia

“We are convinced that without a substantial tightening of sanctions expected to change the behavior of Russia in the Crimean question cannot,” said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine dzhaparova.

According to her, Ukraine would like to see the Crimean question was more active in the international arena, “political pressure on Russia has to be even stronger, and the economic sanctions even tougher”.

Some time ago dzhaparova, Crimean Tatar by birth, was appointed to the post of Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine in accordance with the decree of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

In an interview with “Anadolu” dzhaparova commented on the issue of Crimea, the crisis in Eastern Ukraine, fighting Russia on the international arena and in the courts, and Turkish-Ukrainian relations.

On the accession of Crimea to the Russian question, said Dzhaparov. The event was perceived by the international community as “unrecognized attempt of annexation,” she said. The diplomat also said that Ukraine is grateful to Turkey for its support in the Crimean issue.

Recalling that General Assembly resolution of the United Nations (UN) about the territorial integrity of Ukraine dated March 27, 2014, urges the denial of any change in the status of Crimea, dzhaparova said, “Russia had not annexed Crimea, illegally and temporarily occupied it.”

Many countries and international organizations around the world are constantly talking about the fact that Moscow has taken illegal actions in Crimea, and point to the need for the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty over the Peninsula, but this is not enough, said Dzhaparov. “We would hope that the theme of de-occupation of Crimea, given its importance for Ukraine and international security and stability, sounded stronger and more active in the international arena,” — said the diplomat.

“Ukraine intends to strengthen the accusations”

Along with the UN resolutions in support of Ukraine, Western countries continue to apply economic sanctions against Russia, but Kyiv finds it insufficient for liberation of the Crimea from Russia, said Dzhaparov.

“Political pressure on Russia has to be even stronger, and the economic sanctions even tougher,” — said Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Dzhaparova also said that Kiev is actively working in all international courts, in which it is possible to bring Russia to justice for certain crimes and violations, and said: “In connection with the illegal actions of Russia in Crimea and the Donbas, Ukraine intends to strengthen accusations against the country so that they are addressed in the relevant international judicial instances”.

Drawing attention to the importance of sanctions against Russia, dzhaparova said: “We are convinced that without a substantial tightening of sanctions expected to change the behavior of Russia in the Crimean issue is impossible.”

“Ukraine is ready to meet at the leaders ‘level”

Dzhaparova said that the steps the crisis in Eastern Ukraine is moving towards settlement, while Kiev continues to insist that Russia, as a signatory of the Minsk agreements and a party to the conflict must fulfill their obligations.

Kiev is considering a summit of leaders of “Norman Quartet” as a key element of the negotiation process in which there is a possibility of achieving a peaceful settlement at the highest level, directly between Ukraine and Russia under the mediation of Germany and France, said the diplomat. Implementation of security solutions adopted at those meetings, dzhaparova called a pre-condition for progress in all other areas.

“Unfortunately, because of the reluctance of Russia to renounce armed provocations, and to move towards a sustainable peace we experience problems with the implementation of security solutions, said Dzhaparov. — In the Donbass every day recorded the violation of ceasefire regime by Russian forces and the use of weapons banned by the Minsk agreements”.

Dzhaparova informed that since the last summit in the Normandy format in Paris on 9 December 2019 7 July this year in the Donbas 37 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 290 were injured, compared with the previous year losses by 14.5% more.

Stressing that Russia provocations in the region and does not comply with the conditions of the Minsk agreements, dzhaparova said: “Ukraine is ready to meet leaders in the Normandy format. Therefore, we are constantly in practice demonstrated its commitment to a constructive and reasonable compromise policy in all areas, including the political sphere”.

“Crimean Tatars are strong people, who has experience of the struggle”

Defining the position of the Crimean Tatars as a condition “of the bride who was forced to marry and forced to portray happiness under gunpoint”, dzhaparova said: “Russia on all platforms around the world trying to convince everybody, as it protects the Crimean Tatars. And, they say, the language became official, and signed a law on the rehabilitation of the people, and that is that the people were happy. But in reality, the statistics of repression and political persecution clearly shows quite the opposite”.

Dzhaparova said that the Crimean Tatar people for the last several centuries has been fighting against Russia for the right to exist and to live in their homeland. Because of the policies of the Russian Crimean Tatar people had to leave their homeland in 1783, 1944 and 2014, the diplomat said.

26 Feb 2014 the Crimean Tatars, in the words Caprovoi, broke the plans of the Kremlin to conceal its crimes in the Crimea and, after the rally in front of Crimean Parliament, resisted the Russians.

After these events on the Peninsula in retaliation against the Crimean Tatars began to apply pressure, conduct raids, bans, stated Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Russia has long since lost the right to be a world power, said Dzhaparov. “The greatness of Russia — is one big lie. This lie encourages war and war crimes, crimes against humanity, deception and propaganda. Crimean Tatars is a small, but incredibly strong people who knows that is a lie, and has the experience of struggle.”

“Free agenda between Turkey and Ukraine”

Recalling that relations between Turkey and Ukraine are strategic partnerships, dzhaparova continued: “We are proud that the two countries had a trouble-free agenda, both from a historical point of view, and from the point of view of modernity. Our countries have common interests, share the same ideas about the establishment of peace and stability in the Black sea region do not have any conflicts in the political sphere.”

The two countries support each other in difficult times, drew attention dzhaparova. For Ukraine especially important to Turkey’s position concerning the aggression of Russia against Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, the diplomat said.

Dzhaparova said that one of the strategic priorities in Ukraine’s relations with Turkey is the development of mutually beneficial partnership, while past experience provides new opportunities for further deepening of cooperation in all fields.

The difficulties caused by the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus (covid-19) should be seen as an opportunity to revitalize relations, drew the attention of the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Dzhaparova said that Ukraine is undergoing a broad process of reforms, which cover all areas of the state, created plenty of opportunities for the Turkish business world could conduct business and invest in the country.

Dzhaparova said that one of the key elements of the strategic partnership between Ukraine and Turkey is the cooperation in scientific-technical and military-industrial spheres. According to her, the countries develop cooperation in the field of engine for Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft.

The process associated with the signing of free trade agreements

Dzhaparova said that Kyiv is optimistic about achieving results in the course of works associated with the signing of the free trade agreement, on which negotiations long underway between Turkey and Ukraine. The diplomat noted that the trade regime should provide full exemption from customs duties for both manufactured and agricultural products.

Expressing hope that the constructive dialogue for the rapid approval of the text of the agreement, dzhaparova continued: “Ukraine is interested in opening the market for all commodity groups. This approach will allow to increase the volume of bilateral trade. Ukraine is ready for a quick completion of negotiations on the free trade agreement. To do this, Turkish and Ukrainian sides have the political will. The negotiation process is ongoing and we are optimistic about finalizing the text of the agreement in the near future.”