Tal Cual (Venezuela): in 2013 the Armed forces of Venezuela classified using the system of air defence With — 300

In 2013 the armed forces of Venezuela classified using the system of air defence With — 300. The agreement was signed in 2009. At the moment, about buying updated versions of the weapons information. In February 2020, the governments of Russia and Venezuela announced the conclusion of agreements and expanding cooperation in military-technical sphere. In late June, 33 students who were trained in Belarus for the system s-300, back in Venezuela.

In 2013 the Armed forces of Venezuela use a secret Russian air defense system s — 300 “Antey-2500”. This system, like some other weapons, the government of Hugo Chavez was acquired in 2009. It was transferred to the Control of complex system and space defense.

In addition, the system uses 293 group air defense of Hugo chávez frías, located in a Strategic area of comprehensive defense Los Llanos.

In an interview with ABC July 20, his Manager Antonio Ledesma (Antonio Ledezma), which had previously held the position of mayor of Caracas, rejected claims about the alleged location of the systems s — 400 and s — 500 in 11 districts of the country.

However, these systems were not included in the list of equipment that acquired the Venezuelan government of the Russian Federation, since the first agreement on military-technical cooperation was signed in 2005 and concerned the purchase of Kalashnikov AK103.

The acquisition of s — 300 systems appears in the report on the procurement of arms from 2005 to 2012 provided by the organization “Civil control of security, defense and National armed forces.” The contract was signed in 2009.

According to a report by the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), equipment procurement was not transparent.

“It is impossible to determine the number, model and cost of military equipment acquired by Venezuela in the period from 2005 to 2012, as the previous National Assembly adopted a decision to conclude military agreements with Russia and Belarus in confidence,” — said in the report of this public organization.

The information included in the report based on the data presented and common officials. For example, when contracts were concluded or the Armed forces of Venezuela reported on the delivery to the country’s weapons systems.

At the moment no detailed messages about system of air defence With-300 “Antey-2500” has not been received. However, it has repeatedly been demonstrated, for example during military exercises “Bolivarian shield” in February 2020.

On the announced deployment of the Strategic operational command National armed forces, which is headed by Admiral Remigio Ceballos of ICASO (Remigio Ceballos Ichaso). The system of air defence With-300 “Antey-2500” was first presented at parade on 5 July 2013.

S — 300 long-range

The system of air defence With — 300 “Antey-2500” is able to destroy air targets such as ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft. This complex detects targets flying at a distance of 200 kilometers and a height of 30 thousand feet. The system can detect as combat aircraft and tactical missiles.

In April 2013, the Russian state company Rosoboronexport announced the delivery of two anti-aircraft missile systems s — 300. Then the Russian government said that since the acquisition of s-300, Venezuela has begun forming a division of air defense, which is anti-aircraft installations ZU-23, missile systems “Buk-M2” and “Pechora-M”.

In 2018, Russia has delivered to Syria 49 pieces of equipment, in particular anti-aircraft missile systems s — 300.

“The goal is to increase the level of security of the Russian military in an Arab country”, — said the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. The system of air defence With-300 “Antey-2500” is intended for the Russian army.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, after returning from Venezuela in February 2020, said that the governments of Russia and Venezuela will expand military-technical cooperation “to increase defense capability” against possible military threats.

Good visibility air defense systems

International specialist Andrei Serbin Pont (Andrei Serbin Pont) has denied allegations Antonio Ledesma about the deployment of Russian air defense systems in various parts of Venezuela.

“It’s hard to hide the transport and deployment of such a large, cumbersome and complex systems like s — 400 or s — 500. If every time in Venezuela travel system s — 125 Pechora-2M, in social networks appear pictures of how they expect that nobody will notice the s — 400 or s — 500?” — the expert wrote on Twitter on July 21.

In addition, he noted that the s — 300 located in El Sombrero (district integrated Strategic defense Los Llanos), state of Guarico.

“Another important point is that the expected deployment does not correspond to the operational deployment of the Armed forces of Venezuela. That is, the C — 300 of the Armed forces of Venezuela operates from El Sombrero, state of Guarico, the city which Antonio Ledesma does not even mention” — said the expert.

Preparation in Belarus

On 29 June, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Venezuela announced the completion of education in Belarus 33 group of Venezuelan students.

There are young military, educated engineers trained in operation and repair of air defense and radar, artillery and missile systems, unmanned aircraft systems, field shooting complex, armored vehicles, missile s — 300 complexes “Antey-2500” and “Beech”.

Training of specialists of the signed bilateral agreements. 2017 in total have been trained 152 officer in four different groups. The young officers received the rank of Lieutenant in the air force, army and Navy.