Politika (Serbia): Russia as a mediator

Russia is increasingly adapting to the new role in world politics. In recent years, the circle of the most powerful world powers, in which it is included, was expanded by new members. Someone from the old members left, and others have already left the club. Gone are the days when the zone of influence was divided, using the weapon, and there was only a local war, in which more involved arms dealers than the military command.

In new conditions the role of mediator for Moscow, apparently, is the most appropriate solution. She literally begs itself due to the developments in the middle East and the far East, in the most remote corners of our planet and in the heart of Europe. Clearly aware of their own interests, even in a difficult situation caused by the pandemic coronavirus, Russia is on the intended path.

It is not surprising that leading European countries increasingly inclined to their Eastern neighbor. All the reasons for a possible internecine differences almost meaningless at a time when in 1945 the then over the dome of the Reichstag in Berlin was raised the Soviet flag. Everything that followed was doctoring wounds, but not inciting a vengeful hatred that is buried along with the millions who died in world war II.

The Europeans understand that you can not independently control the relationship between the US, Russia and China. They are forced to bow at the sides, and Moscow is objectively in this Threesome closer to them. By the way, the Eastern neighbour is most suitable for them from a historical and cultural point of view.

After a hasty withdrawal of the UK from Belgium, Germany and France in a sense, was left unprotected. USA fiasco: the race riots, a huge number of cases of coronavirus (especially among the poor sectors of the population and servicemen), fire on a Navy ship near San Diego, which could not be put out a few days, and also the fact that due to the construction of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2” the Americans had to resort to various sanctions (not very successful). All this perfectly proves that in Washington, many things gave a crack. The same problems arose and arise in other areas, just is not ringing. It’s a matter of reputation.

Recently, the Pentagon decided to withdraw from Germany nine and a half thousand of their troops, explaining that Berlin does not agree to annually allocate to the Fund of NATO funds in the amount of two percent of GDP. Brussels’s decision only confirmed the recent statement of French President Emmanuel Macron that the Alliance is no longer ready to “unconditionally” to rush to the aid of any of its members. Obligations of the United States in similar situations, not just questioned, but practically don’t exist anymore.

The game takes China. Moscow satisfied with that part of the attention that Washington “gave” her, now increasingly concentrated in China. Russia does not want to intervene in foreign conflicts. On the contrary, in their decision, it finds benefits for themselves. The days of the big wars ended in the moment when all potential participants have stocked up sufficient arsenals of nuclear weapons and missiles capable of hitting any point on the globe. And all the world was the only way. For world need wisdom.

That Moscow relies on Beijing, is the logic. Asian gin, as once tsarist Russia for centuries was closed to the outside world. There lived by different rules, which in many ways resembles a military unit. However, after numerous coups, internal conflicts, wars, trials of the Communist era of Mao Zedong millennial Empire grew up in a state which possessed all the technological and social resources, although many believed that this can only be the world of liberal capitalism.

Modern Russia is the world’s special position. It is strong enough to skillfully maneuvering between the new China, the USA and Europe, to play the role of mediator. At a time when unilateralism is rapidly sinking into Oblivion and when you need a new, more pragmatic way of thinking, the main value becomes stable. And peace on the Eurasian Gina always looked at as a phenomenon unchanged. Since tsarist times, and then, in the most difficult military minute, and revolutionary upheavals.

In addition, cooperation between Moscow and Beijing have long been sealed. On the Eastern borders of Russia for many years has a contract under which the Chinese side can in the next Russian regions to resettle its citizens to those doing agriculture and developed industry. They are even allowed to establish settlements and to build numerous cities.

Europe something to think about…