CNN (USA): Cousteau’s grandson proposed to construct an analog of the ISS on the bottom of the sea

At the bottom of the Caribbean sea propose to construct an analog of the ISS. The proposal was made by the protector of the ocean, the grandson of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau Fabien Cousteau, CNN reports.

Together with the designer Yves Behar Cousteau has developed the design of the undersea lab, which will be similar to the International space station.

According to counsel, to study the oceans more important for the survival of the human race than space exploration.

A project called Proteus to introduce a two-storey building in an oval shape. Its area is more than 1200 square meters. There will house lab space for scientists and a pool with access to the sea floor.

It is also proposed to create a greenhouse for growing fruit and vegetables for the inhabitants of the lab.

Cousteau stressed that the ocean is “our life support”. For the construction of the laboratory required about three years, but the embodiment of the project postponed due to the coronavirus.