How much will it cost the Chinese vaccine against the coronavirus: Lyashko announced the amount

The health Ministry told the who will be the first thing to vaccinate

Recently it became known that China has successfully tested in people a vaccine against coronavirus. If it is set up, for Ukraine it will cost about 500 hryvnia per dose and 1 000 per person.

This was told in the air of “Ukrainian radio”, the chief sanitary doctor of Russia, Oleg Lyashko.

According to him, today yet no one enters into a contract to purchase the vaccine, and only is the so-called order if it appears.

“We already roughly know the cost of the vaccine. First, who is voiced is a company from China, which is already the third clinical stage and the first among the developers list who. She says the vaccine will cost about $ 20 (500 UAH) for a single dose. However, their vaccines, their development will require a twofold introduction,” – said Lyashko.

Lyashko said that in Ukraine there will be a vaccine for the coronavirus