Iran, Donbas and travel in Europe: online briefing Kuleba

The Minister will inform where the most eager overseas Ukrainians

The foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba online briefing on the current status of borders in the world, travel during a pandemic COVID-19.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called the top countries, travel to most interested citizens during the previous week. He will also make a number of statements on topical issues of Ukraine’s foreign policy.

As reported “Today”, as of July 14, Ukrainians could travel to 25 countries – those States that Ukraine has made the “green zone” during a pandemic coronavirus. The most popular destinations Kuleba have called Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Belarus, UK, USA, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea. Read more, the country in which the Ukrainians will be able to fly in the summer of 2020, and what conditions the host.

Recall, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has launched an online map of all overseas travel during a pandemic. This is done in order to make it easier to plan your journey: people will be able to clearly understand where it can fly and what conditions in the host country.

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Dmitry Kuleba