Haber7 (Turkey): the controversial decision of the USA concerning the F-35 for Turkey

In the United States made the controversial decision: eight F-35 fighter, which were intended for Military-air forces of Turkey, was delivered to the air forces of the United States.

Eight F-35A “lightning II” (Lightning II) produced for the Turkish air force in the framework of a single strike fighter (JSF), transferred to the U.S. air force.

Recently, the U.S. Senate Committee gave the USAF the right to modify eight of the F-35A, manufactured for Turkey.

Repainted and transferred to the U.S. air force

The F-35A, which were manufactured by “Lockheed Martin” (Lockheed Martin) for Turkey, but because of the sanctions imposed under the pretext of buying s-400, didn’t arrive to Turkey, where they planned to place in the 7th air base was repainted and taken to the US air force.

Last week the American company “Lockheed Martin”, serving the main contractor for the production of F-35, noting the resonant solution. On the official website of the program F-35 Turkey has been removed from the list of “Global players”.

Reader comments:

Gharib: the Main robber in our time — the United States.

Citizen: still, we are forced to create the most modern fighter in the world… All this goes.

Kemal: Why do we still produce the components?

Ibrahim: tell them to quickly get our money back.

Omer Caliskan: the Most natural bandits.

Bekir Ben: Best answer to this situation is to create your own plane with the best features. The fighter, which will become competitor to the us F-35 and will instead get other countries to restrict the sale of the F-35.

Haidar: And what about s-400?

Hangar: Now no planes, no missiles. Where is the money?..

Murat: Why not go to court?

Blue homeland: by the Way, it was a faulty project. Need to expedite the establishment of a national combat aircraft.

From Adana: As I understand it, the US completely threw us out of the project. Don’t understand what we expect.

Causalgia: We need to begin negotiations with the Russians and together with them to produce the S-600, su-57.

Mehmet: Then do not let components For… to work for this company?

Bozkurt: the United States and Russia are in collusion. They just look like enemies, but actually they together. With the USA and Russians will not be friendship.

admin: We know what to do. Urgently activate the s-400, purchase a second shipment of the Russian systems and, most importantly, whatever it is, stop producing parts for the F-35, and it will be a severe blow to the US, which will not be able to sell the F-35. We play an important role in the production of components, without us the US will suffer heavy losses.

саим33: the U.S. is making against us all sorts of solutions. And we can’t take the sanctions decision on Incirlik or on Kurajica.

Mahmut: This situation teaches us one very important thing. It is impossible to fight with weapons purchased from others. We need to do to make their weapons. Everything must be domestic at 100%.

Erdemir: And we’re still going to call the United States an ally?

Murat: the Base, the Straits, the sea — everything will close.