Editor-in-chief (Ukraine), Putin has the guts to go to war in the Ukraine

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a surprise inspection of troops of the southern military district, and then later the Russian military activity was seen in the Kerch Strait on the border with Ukraine.

Speaking of checking the combat readiness of the troops of the southwestern military district of the Russian Federation can say that this is a normal “activity” of the Armed forces, because if you look at the history, Russia does annually and in different areas. And in the Kerch Strait, the Russians practiced the defense of the Crimean bridge and equipment there pulled together to loudly rattle weapon. So to hear it in the US, because last week in the Black sea was carried out large-scale NATO exercises.

Today, the situation in Ukrainian-Russian relations have developed so that any move by Russia in the direction of confrontation will be regarded as direct and open aggression against Ukraine. Little green men like in 2014, will not be, since the plan has already worked.

But in fact, the preparations for invasion by the Russian Federation to Ukraine is generally close. Especially after the statements of Minister of defence of Ukraine about the fact that, according to our intelligence, there is no accumulation of material resources and personnel along our borders. It is the accumulation of the personnel could be considered a preparation for the unfolding of the fighting. Because today to conduct a covert mobilization with regard to the technical equipment of intelligence in developed countries is almost impossible, it is on the verge of fantasy.

People for war is the most important thing. And to begin mobilization of personnel, you must first amass the material means for waging war — at a distance of 100 km from the border must be constructed of field warehouses, they have to bring their fuel, ammunition, food, 50 km from the border must be expanded to a network of hospitals and the accumulation of medical equipment. It is a worldwide practice, because a day after the onset of minimal losses in the battle amount to 30% of the personnel and they will need somewhere to recover.

And these are the people Putin has no. In confirmation of this subordination Putin the Armed forces of Regardie, 400 thousand people in which in 2018 still can’t man up. These people needed him the most in the country, as due to the situation in Khabarovsk, Putin found himself in the classic position of zugzwang. After all, if he dispersed the protesters, he risks provoking a civil war, and if not, it can overthrow the Kremlin, arguing that the leader has loosened its grip.