CNN (US): the Pentagon has described the test of “super-duper-missiles”

The Pentagon has confirmed that a hypersonic missile, previously called the US President Donald trump “super-duper-rocket”, during the test exceeded the speed of sound in 17 times. About it, on Thursday, July 16, CNN reported, citing officials of the Ministry of defense of the United States.

“A month ago, trump announced the beginning of the creation in the United States “super-duper” missiles that supposedly 17 times faster than any other. The head of state had in mind held in March to test the missile when its velocity exceeded 17 times the speed of sound,” — said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

The US defense Department noted that specially for the President had been briefed on the program of creation of hypersonic weapons and the trump’s “very interested” all that is done by the military of the country in this direction.

At the same time, the TV channel said that the super-duper-rocket is unlikely to come into service earlier, 2023.

Earlier, the us leader said that the United States develop a “super-duper-rocket”, which is 17 times faster than all existing ones.