Country (Ukraine): I think God of black and God of Ukrainians — the same

Afroukraintsy and emptiness

In the US fighters against the white racist dictatorship claim that Jesus Christ really was black. And the false and racially biased white preachers hid from the world the real truth about the Lord.

Now, if not hide, then the world would become immediately clear: God is exclusively on the side of his — oppressed by the colonialists, but morally and spiritually do not reach for them blacks!

In all seriousness argues that the body and face for all the world’s masterpieces, such as the Trinity of Andrei Rublev, needs to be repainted black. In the name of the black Father, black Son and black SV. Ghost…

The Mona Lisa also would not hurt to darken, black cucarachas and chubby sponges to add. And then you come up, you know, the ideal of white beauty. This was to be, black Mona, you darned racists seem imperfect to disgust?

Of course, the way out of this impasse is. He was found in the 17th century, when after the Thirty years war peace of Westphalia announced the principle: whose power, even his faith. Today in USA it would sound as follows: white —”the suitcase, station, Europe”, black, “suitcase, station, Africa”, Indians — ” the Prairie, the Buffalo and the ruins of Manhattan.”

But something tells me that in the United States to this version resolve the conflict mentally prepared while only the Indians.

In principle, I personally do not mind the black God. Can be with him the case as well as the caviar: most or never ate it or had long forgotten its taste. But in vain… Oh, God, it goes well with lemon and a glass of ice white! Almost as good as black granular freedom under the white pogroms of the branded stores!

Even if man were not created by God but evolved from apes, and black apes, and that is a big problem… you just Have to admit that the white color is only the inferior, degenerate black. The Ukrainian case is here to help.

Russian people for a real Ukrainian patriot — dead end degraded of the Eastern Slavs. Correct Ukrainian — he just looks white and russkoeradio individual. In fact, internally, the degree of rejection of his slave status, laws, white owners, and at the same time and laws, in principle — he is a typical black! You could even say, a typical apocrine.

The problem, of course, not in color, not in God and the monkey… is She in another. In General, people tend to trust other people — this keeps all human civilization and even the biology of the human species.

At least since white democratic West recognizes the Negro people, do not trust them (especially on account of the race of God) no more no reason. In fact, when the same West recognized Ukrainian people, radically different from the Russian wild half-animal, not to trust them too, somehow not with his hands became.

Real Ukrainian (in its radical version) believe that man descended from Ukrainian. In addition, he had no doubt that Christ was a Ukrainian, and priests and Jews especially with greed for himself all confused, by renaming the Dnieper river in Jordan. Did you see this Jordan? A Dnepr seen? Well, it’s not logically the same! Could not the great Ukrainian God to flounder in this pathetic and muddy stream!

And on the Russian side argue, too, can not! Have you seen these Russian? Drunken angry Asians, who in between bouts of paleobase lick the heels of his alpha male… Even the devil to help nasty, and ethnically and racially correct God even more!

Generally, if people don’t trust people, they are not only on a social level, but also at the level of biological cease to be human. Therefore, relying on anyone who civilized the West counted for the people, we are forced to conclude the following. God of Negroes (the one for blacks and against whites), and the God of Ukrainians (the one for the Slavic-Aryan anti-Russian) is one and the same God.

That explains a lot! For example the fact that after independence the reality of the Ukrainian streets, reminiscent of criminal chaos black neighborhoods. That agroukraine continue to struggle with the totalitarian legacy of the Soviet state that collapsed 30 years ago. Just like the African Americans that the horrors of slavery can only be judged by the myths and legends of Hollywood.

The battle of St. George with yellow and blue ribbons, carnations and poppies — as the antithesis of black and white colors are of fundamental importance for apokrinomai identity! Anyone not interested in your moral, intellectual or professional quality. They are very interested in whether you believe in the right agroukraina God? What color is your loincloth? And, most importantly, that Bazaar in the language adopted among sister agroukraina ghetto. And in any case not in a dialect alien to racial and class neighborhoods, where there are seven rooms snickering “Professor Preobrazhensky”! With all this their colonialist”shekspirovskie”, “dostoevschinoy”, Yes Hello, Yes “Yes” Yes “merci”…

Low living standards and the degradation of economic thinking proceedsto also perfectly explains. Can the beggar black live as well as rich white? Can. For this he needs to plow in plowing the rich black as white. But first, to amputate that part of your brain that is responsible for the humanitarian agenda and the image of the eternally offended and discriminated creature.

How old would say, Freud, a banana is just a banana. The language is just language. Color is just color.

Want to live peacefully, rich and happy? So, God help you! The one for whom, as you know, there is neither Greek nor Jew, nor white nor black, no jacket, no vyshivatnik. But even if you don’t believe in the moral laws of God, the economic laws of Mammon will be as disappointing…

Money have no smell. They are mute from birth as atheists, are indifferent to nationality and skin color. They are impossible to get to speak a single “correct” language. Money as a woman — prefer someone who cares and nurtures, and rapes apokrisis armavirum through Patriotic passage.