Actual (Bulgaria): why did the Russians leave a glass of water and a coin in the refrigerator before you leave?

Before you go on vacation, every family faces the same problem — what to do with the food in the refrigerator. Even if there is almost nothing in the freezer, usually, are meat, semi-finished products and other frozen foods that can be stored this way for many months.

But what happens if while owners bask in the sunlight hundreds of kilometers from home, in the house the power goes out? Is it possible to expect that the products will be unfrozen and continues as long as the electricity will not come back and products do not freeze again?

For such cases, the Russians invented a simple system test, which will only need a glass of water and a coin. It is preferable to use a plastic or metal container, because it will not explode under the pressure of expanding ice.

Fill the glass with water and let it freeze in the refrigerator or in the freezer, then put on top of the coin. If, after you return from holiday you see that she’s still there, so the problems with electricity was not. If she sank to the bottom, then the ice melted and the coin sank, before the water froze again.

Most of the fridges can maintain a low enough temperature for at least 24 hours without food. If the water in the glass has melted, it is obvious that the power was out for a long time, and frozen foods no longer fit for consumption.