Bloomberg (USA): hackers broke into the profiles of celebrities on Twitter

Unknown hacked the Twitter account of a number of celebrities. They offered to sent the bitcoins to the account. The company are investigating the incident. On Thursday, July 16, reported Bloomberg.

It is noted that from the actions of hackers has suffered the presidential candidate of the United States Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, billionaires bill gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, Uber and Apple, and others.

The attackers in their reports, promised to return bitcoins sent in the double size, if they appear on their account ha for 30 minutes.
Company Twitter have been investigating the problem and warned of possible disruptions in access to the social network.

“We are aware of the security issue, that affected Twitter accounts. We’re investigating this and are taking steps to fix it. You may not be able to post or change your password while we study and work with this incident”, — stated in the message.

At the moment of the publication of the affected people and companies on the platform removed. As reported, hackers managed to collect about 110 thousand dollars.