Boyan Chukov: protests in Serbia are associated with the status of Kosovo (Btv Novinite, Bulgaria)

After mass protests in Belgrade, the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic refused to impose a curfew in the capital. Demonstrations against the policy of suppression of the virus were held in several Serbian cities.

Without curfew, but with the new anti-epidemic measures, the President promised Vucic. He called for an end to demonstrations to prevent the spread of the virus. And made a statement about violence.

Serbian media report that during the night the Parliament was stormed by a group of right-wing nationalists, including members of antiprivacy. In the collision were injured at least 43 of the servant of the order and 17 demonstrators. Dozens were arrested. After social networks have the footage of police with batons beat sitting on the bench of people, human rights organizations have called for the investigation.

Many Serbs accuse the authorities that they hid the data to undo the quarantine and hold elections, which was convincingly won the party Vucic. However, in the last week the number of infected covid-19 began to rise sharply.

“The coronavirus has caused public discontent and gave rise to protests, but that is not their main reason,” said an international analyst and balkanist Boyan Chukov in the program “Tazi sutrin”.

After the boycott of the opposition and the easing of Vucic won a Pyrrhic victory in the elections, said Chukov.

“It all depends on Kosovo. Evil tongues say that Vucic had long betrayed Kosovo, and now just thinking of how to make Serbian society is swallowed. For Serbs Kosovo is a sensitive issue, and that in its battle with the President is the internal opposition,” — said Chukov. In his opinion, the planned talks between Belgrade and Pristina in Washington, which did not happen has contributed to the formation of public opinion of our Western neighbors.

Vucic also disappointed with Putin. Two weeks before the election was to take place his meeting with the President of Russia, but it was moved after Putin realized that Vucic agreed with the Americans behind him, said balkanist.

Not all the protesters are random, there are more organized and more aggressive, said Chukov.

“If Vucic will do the right thing, the protests will subside,” — said balkanist.