CNN (USA): head of who criticized the “lack of leadership” and called for global unity against the background of the pandemic

London — Director General of the world health organization criticized the “lack of leadership” in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus and made an emotional call for global unity, since in many countries the incidence continues to grow rapidly and the world is still unable to cope with the spread of the devastating virus that was first identified more than six months ago.

“Friends, we should not delude ourselves: the greatest threat we now face is not the virus, said who Director-General Dr tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus), in his passionate appeal in Geneva on Thursday, 9 July. — Rather it is the lack of leadership and solidarity at the global and national levels.”

That his appeal is likely to be perceived as thinly veiled criticism of the leaders of various countries, including Donald trump, who leads the public struggle against who and at the same time can not cope with the severe worldwide epidemic covid-19 in their own country.

“This is a tragedy which has deprived us of many of our friends, which claimed many lives. We will not be able to defeat this pandemic in terms of the fragmented world,” said Tedros a trembling voice.

The United States regularly report the highest number of cases per day, and earlier this week the number of confirmed cases of infection has reached 3 million, which put an end to attempts of the American authorities to reopen the country’s economy.

In other regions the situation of incidence is not much better. The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro (Jair Bolsonaro), which within a few months of trying to downplay the seriousness of the disease, now he was infected with coronavirus.

Thursday, June 9, India announced a record increase in the number of cases per day, and in Mexico, the spread of coronavirus is also rapidly gaining momentum.

Australia, which was previously called the successful example of dealing with the pandemic, was forced to isolate more than 6 million people in Victoria after a new surge in the incidence in Melbourne.

“How difficult it is for people to unite to fight the common enemy, which kills people indiscriminately?— asked Ghebreyesus during the who meeting. — Can’t we detect or identify a common enemy? Can’t we understand that disagreements or cracks between us are actually an advantage for the virus?”

He called on world powers to unite, saying: “Covid-19 — this is a test of global solidarity and global leadership.”

This statement of Gebreyesus sounded after some days after the administration, trump said the U.S. Congress and the UN that the United States formally out of the world health organization.

This decision to withdraw from the who, which will come into force in July next year, has drawn sharp criticism from members of Congress from both parties, medical associations, human rights organizations and allies of the United States abroad. On Tuesday, July 7, a candidate for election from the Democratic party, Joe Biden (Joe Biden) has promised to reverse this decision “the first day” after the inauguration.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Gebreyesus and accused the who a too-soft attitude towards China as well as the failure to contain the pandemic in its early stages.

However, the leaders of almost all major powers, including Germany, France and the United Kingdom, supported by who in this crisis.

Thursday, July 9, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the pandemic clearly demonstrated the danger of “denying the facts of populism” around the world. “We have seen the lies and misinformation, but with the pandemic to cope,” she said, addressing the European Parliament in Brussels.