Türkiye (Turkey): who will arrest Donald trump?

Actually it would be better to ask the question: who did not arrest the tramp? It seems that the question has led you into confusion. And how do you get a warrant for the arrest of the President of the United States issued by the Iran?..

Some of the decisions and actions of the Iranian leadership are just a classic “Persian tales”… the Exaggeration has no limits! And the arrest warrant issued by the Tehran Prosecutor’s office against 36 people, accused of murder of the commander of the Iranian revolutionary guards, General Qassem Soleimani (Kasım Süleymani), on which the United States made an attempt in Baghdad, officially taking responsibility for the murder, just like that!.. This decision, which, it seems, never realized, was officially informed Interpol. Man number one in the list of the 36 persons — the President of the United States Donald trump… In accordance with the request of the Prosecutor of Tehran Ali Alkazi Mehra (Ali Alqasimehr), monitoring the execution of the arrest warrant will continue after the expiry of the presidential powers trump.

A striking decision, isn’t it? Although in today’s environment to bring it to life is impossible, this in itself is quite symbolic… I Wonder what the political goal of Iran wants to achieve? As this decision, at least on paper, will affect the situation of the parties? While the answers to these and similar questions are unknown. But apparently, the Iranian administration, a survivor of deep trauma of killing Qassem Soleimani, took this decision to show that it had applied any sanctions against the us.

After the murder, committed on January 3, 2020, the Iranian government promised to give a very tough response and painful revenge on the United States. So, five days later, Iran launched a missile attack on the American airbase Ayn al-Asad in Anbar province in Iraq. Side sounded quite different figures about the number of rockets fired in the attack… the American side initially declared that practically all the missiles were destroyed by the defense systems before reaching the target. President trump wrote the tweets, which began with the words: “All right…” the Iranian side claimed that 80 us soldiers were killed, more than a hundred were injured. Frankly, in the international arena, this statement is not considered plausible. However, after some time from the United States began to act rather strange statement.

At first the Pentagon announced that about a dozen American soldiers got a head injury due to missile strikes. Even after some time additionally reported that the number of victims of the military… more in short, how many soldiers were killed or wounded on attack in the course of retaliation the database, and not turned out. But the fact that this database is certainly something happened, it became impossible to hide!.. However, a tragic event that took place in Iran simultaneously with an attack-a retaliation, suffered what is happening in a completely different stage. Air force of Iran waiting for the US response to missile attack, shot down a passenger plane Ukrainian airlines, mistaking it for a rocket!.. The plane was carrying 176 people. Of these, 82 were citizens of Iran, 62 were canadian citizens, probably also ethnic Iranians… Obviously, Iran received the second big shock…

The commander of the air forces of Iran, General Amir Ali Hajizade (Emir Ali Hacızade) made a statement in connection with the destruction of a passenger plane, took full responsibility for the collapse of the liner and expressed commitment to implementing decisions that will take power. The question of what decision the Iranian authorities made in connection with this incident and who was considered guilty, also remains unanswered. But the loss of Iran is not over. At the funeral of Qassem Soleimani due to the extreme crush at least 56 people died… Iran, which struck the passenger aircraft taking off from an Iranian airport, mistaking him for an American rocket, and lost dozens of people in a stampede at the funeral all the time is very far from the goal of making steps that will hurt US.

As for the question about the arrest (the nearest) Donald trump… When the Chilean dictator, General Pinochet arrived in 1998 to England for treatment, the Spanish government has accused him of the murder of Spanish citizens during the coup and after him and demanded his arrest. Then the British authorities about 16 months kept Pinochet under house arrest in London. And Spain request for extradition was rejected. Subsequently, the old dictator on the basis of the disease was allowed to return to their homeland… the question is: could something similar happen with, say, a trump after the end of a presidential term, as required by the Prosecutor of Tehran? Well, even if not, Iran is in fact issued a warrant for the arrest of trump, isn’t that enough?..