Russia has no “red lines”: Kozak made a loud statement in Donbass

The Kremlin is unhappy that Ukraine does not want to make contact with the militants

After the recent 11th-hour talks in Berlin , the Deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak said that Moscow would support any agreement in the negotiations on the Donbass.

He stated this in an interview TASS.

“No “red lines” of the Russian Federation no. The representatives of Russia in the Contact group have a simple and unambiguous Directive to support any agreements that are reached between the Donbass and Ukraine to prevent escalation and a peaceful political settlement of the conflict. Any” – he said.

While Kozak has accused Kiev of alleged unwillingness to implement the Minsk agreement, lamenting the fact that the Ukrainian side refuses to engage in dialogue with representatives of ORDA. But here we should clarify – Ukraine does not negotiate with the militants, so in the negotiations in Minsk, representatives of ARDLA, people who were forced to leave the Donbass because of the war.

“We are witnessing an absurd situation, when all political statements from the top leadership of Ukraine, including in the outcome documents of the past, “Norman summit” in Paris, under which stands the signature of President Vladimir Zelensky, invariably it is noted that alternative to the Minsk agreements for the settlement of the conflict, and then States that there are certain “red lines” that do not allow to perform the same the Minsk agreement”, – said the Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

Note that Moscow regularly accuses Kiev of failing Minsk agreement, even though she does not perform is not the first even the first paragraphs of the document – the cease-fire and the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian territory. At the same time, the logic of Kiev is simple: first the invaders out of the Donbass territory and borders fall under the control of Ukraine and then there’s the elections are held under Ukrainian law. This option is the Kremlin does not like.

Kozak also reminded of the agreed conclusions of the “Normandy summit” in Paris, which was signed by the President of Ukraine. But of all of the agreements failed to reach a prisoner exchange, and the main condition for the cease – fire – Russia has not fulfilled.

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