Zelensky sold the property for millions of hryvnia

The head of state made a major deal, earning a serious amount of money

President Vladimir Zelensky said in the Declaration the sale of land and immovable assets on which it earned 13.5 million hryvnia.

This is evidenced by the data entered in the Unified state register of declarations.

So, the Declaration States that the President has received income for the alienation of immovable property on July 2. The buyer was listed some Valentine Jelly – cost her the presidential property 12 million 114 thousand hryvnias.

Note that he made these data on 7 July. To the above data, it has also made information about the sale of land. The transaction amount is 1 million 356 thousand, the buyer set the same.

As reported “Today”, Zelensky received two administrative Protocol from the NACP. The national Agency for prevention of corruption has taken action against the President for late submission of reports of material changes in property status.

Earlier Zelensky was shown his Declaration in the year 2019, in which specified information about assets, income, expenses. So, the Zelensky family has paid taxes to the budget in the amount of 3.6 million hryvnia. In just the first six months of the presidency, his salary amounted to UAH 208 787.

Meanwhile, the President visited the fire covered the Luhansk region. Watch the video: