Definitely not Russian: the national security Council told, what’s the second language of Ukraine needs

All Ukrainian citizens should know to use the English language, according to Danilov

Russian language can not be the second state in Ukraine. This was stated by Secretary of national security and defense Alexei Danilov, who also noted that the elections in Donbass is now impossible.

“The question of language is a very important issue for the state. No second, the Russian, we can not be – not because it is not necessary to study, it is not necessary to know. If we are talking about Ukraine – it should be only the state Ukrainian language”, – he said in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”.

However, as noted by the Secretary of the NSDC, Ukraine should be a second language.

Zelensky demands justice for minorities in Ukraine

“But it has to be English to be taught starting in kindergarten. All citizens of Ukraine, if we want to be in the civilized world, should know to use the English language. This is a mandatory thing,” he said.

We will remind, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky allows for the possibility of filling in the documents in the Russian language in the Donbas in the future.

As you know, on April 25 , the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the Ukrainian language. Now in Ukraine in all spheres of life will operate the state language, and government officials will be required to own them. Online media are required to have a Ukrainian version.