Mace: the Resignation Smoliy is a mistake, you had to drive them all

The MP believes that Ukraine should stop standing on her knees in front of the foreign borrowers

The fact that today took Yakov Smoliy is a mistake. We had to drive them all, but just to put the head of the national Bank because the national Bank can not be without a leader.

About it in the Studio socio-political talk show “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster” , which comes out in live TV channel “Ukraine” said Igor Palitsa, MP, “For the future”, Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, tax and customs policy.

“We should stop kneeling in front of our foreign borrowers. Today we were in a stupid situation. Because the IMF signed a contract and immediately removed the head of the national Bank. I support the fact that Ukraine should not take external loans,” said Mace.

According to him, Ukraine now should not return external borrowing, and to restructure.

Mace recalled that Ukraine until the end of the year need to return about 300 billion foreign and domestic borrowing, and no such money.

“Let’s leave the past in the old national Bank and old scheme of borrowing will go to a future where we are in Ukraine to decide what we must have taxes, what should be the discount rate of the national Bank”, – he concluded.

Recall thatthe Verkhovna Rada on today’s extraordinary session supported the presidential view on the dismissal of Yakov Smoliy from the post of head of the National Bank of Ukraine. This draft resolution was supported by 286 deputies.

Following the resignation of Yakov Smoliy perform the duties of the head of the NBU to appoint a new head is first Deputy head of the national Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova.