Plan to capture the South of Ukraine: U.S. General called a key goal of the Kremlin

Russia will try to seize not only the Kherson region and the whole South of Ukraine.

Russia, Yak and experts warn, wants to take over Ukraine’s South and sees its ultimate goal in Ukraine is not only the Kherson and Odessa.

This was stated by Lieutenant General, former commander of the Armed forces of the USA in Europe Ben Hodges, reports

According to him, the end point in this campaign for Moscow would be the acquisition of full control over the space of the Ukrainian black sea coast, from Odessa to Kerch.

“This will help them not only to isolate Ukraine from the Black sea, but also provide the ability to have full control of the Northern part of the reservoir, ranging from Transnistria and right up to the sea of Azov”, – he said.

The representative of the us army believe that if the Russian leadership wants to attack the Ukraine during military exercises “Caucasus – 2020”, it tries to capture not only the Kherson region and the whole South of Ukraine.

“When I look at the map of Ukraine, specifically in the black sea region, we see that the key goal here is for Russia is, of course, the dam in Nova Kakhovka (Kherson region – Ed.). But if they will control that part of Ukraine, they to Odessa is at hand. Plus don’t forget that the Russian Navy will always block adjacent to the Odessa space, when it begins to carry out firing exercises,” said Hodges.

Also, Russia could conduct such an operation progressively, not simultaneously.

“Maybe Odessa is the next step. And that before that Moscow wants to see how it will react to its actions the West,” he added.

In addition, Hodges notes that the planning of an attack the Kremlin and Russian commanders will carefully analyze the military-political space of Ukraine, for example, the unity of the government, the willingness and ability of Armed Forces to carry out retaliatory action.

We will remind that earlier it was reported that Russia is concentrating huge forces on the border with Ukraine.