The National Interest (USA): the newest anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Armour-CM” will appear on the Victory Parade

In the parade in honor of Victory Day in Moscow on 24 June, will attend the iconic Russian and Soviet equipment — including T-34 tanks during the Second world war who played a decisive role in the victory. But the parade will become an arena for new military equipment. So, it will be shown the newest air defense missile-gun complex “Pantsir-SM”, armed with small missiles to fight the mini-drones.

Upgraded missile-gun system will appear in public for the first time. “Shell-CM” is a profoundly modernized version of “Pantsir-s”. This platform combines a coaxial rapid-fire 30-mm anti-aircraft machine gun and a dozen anti-aircraft missiles. It is argued that this is a Syrian version of the “Shell” in 2012 shot down a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft RF-4 Phantom.

Russian state media reported that the new “Pantsir-SM” will have more long-range missiles and will be able to detect, track and hit more targets at a greater distance. In addition, he will have more opportunities for interception of artillery shells, missiles and drones. The system was upgraded and became effective against all types of drones, the designers took into account the experience gained in Syria.

The impact range of the system expanded to 30 km.

As air defense missile-gun complex “Pantsir” was designed to protect military and civilian targets, including air defence system long-range, all modern and promising means of air attack. Like “Carapace-s”, the upgraded platform has 12 missiles “ground-to-air” six missiles at two vehicles and launcher bays. “Shell-CM” is also armed with two 30-mm cannons, each of which takes up to 40 shots per second.

It is reported that Moscow will use a Victory Parade to showcase this new military and others. Victory day, or the end of the Second world war, which in Russia is called great Patriotic war, is traditionally celebrated on 9 may, but this year the celebration was postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus.

In late April, more than 15,000 Russian soldiers participating in the parade rehearsal, returned to base and was placed under two-week quarantine in an attempt to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. As already noted, in addition to the newest equipment of the Russian military put a lot of effort to acquire a number of historic T-34 tanks during the Second world war, Russia got about 30 tanks of Laos in the framework of the tripartite deal with Vietnam. Laos was the last country where the T-34/85 was armed.

Although the epidemic covid-19 continues, Russia has decided to hold a Victory Parade on June 24. This date was chosen because on that day in 1945 hosted the first historic parade. The soldiers of the red Army, including defenders of Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad, the participants of the storming of Berlin victoriously marched on red square in Moscow.

The Russian defense Ministry assured the state media that the preparation for the parade shall take all necessary “measures and epidemiological safety”.

Peter Bitches is a writer from Michigan, collaborated with more than forty magazines, Newspapers and websites. The author of several books, including “Gallery of military headgear” (A Gallery of Military Headdress).