Scientists explained why the gym does not always help to lose weight

Bursts of physical activity throughout the week such as going to the gym can cause between people will become less active than usual, leading to an overall reduction in energy consumption. To such conclusion employees of the National institutes of health (USA), reports the Daily Mail.

Scientists have decided to understand why, despite the regular fitness training, many fail to lose weight.

“Despite the importance for General health, exercise in General does not give the expected effect in terms of weight loss, on average this value is less than 3% of body weight, even in studies lasting more than a year,” the study says.

To understand why this is so, the researchers took 15 mice, each of which is provided with a Jogging wheel. First, the daily consumption of energy in animals increased sharply, but after a week have stabilized, despite the fact that running mice have become even more.

By the end of the study, the researchers came to the conclusion that the amount of use of the wheel increased the total daily energy consumption. This was due to the fact that exercise has led not only to increased appetite, and reduced activity between them.

However, this does not mean that the gym should throw: just in addition to physical exercises it is necessary to closely monitor their diet and be active during the day.

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