Putin’s trump quagmire

While one of the biggest scandals in the history of democracy, which the United States boast so much, little by little undermines the position of the Donald trump, occupying the influential position of the country and maybe even the world, it is impossible not to imagine as the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ironic smile, being alone or in the evening sipping vodka.

Although the last dossier of the scandal on every page which open a new Comedy reminiscent of cheap vaudeville, focused not on the President trump and his son Donald trump Junior, it is no exaggeration to say that to date, this endless tale about the white bull, perhaps, dealt a crushing blow.

In that last file, there are several factors that lead observers to that conclusion and which should be carefully to stop.

Briefly summarized, the last page of the scandal began with the New York Times reports that trump’s son met with a Russian lawyer, when the election campaign was still going on. However, the important aspect of this situation is fun for observers and tragic for the President of trump and his entourage — was the fact that after the news first boomed like thunder from a clear sky, gradually began to appear some fatal details. And not only America, but the whole world stuck to monitors and TV screens to watch this Brazilian TV series.

The following stood out rock details.

First, it became clear that the meeting Donald trump Jr. with a Russian lawyer, was also present Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner), son of the President and currently senior adviser to the White house, and also by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul), who headed the election campaign of trump at the time. That is, it was not harmless, a bilateral meeting and event in the framework of the campaign.

Moreover, a British specialist in public relations, who arranged the meeting, trump told the younger that this lawyer is associated with the Russian government, and, most importantly, promised that the information it will provide, will cause a serious blow to the campaign of Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton), rivals trump the election. Trump Jr., came to the delight of this information, hastened to the meeting and invited Kouchner and Manafort.

However, the meeting did not take place the exchange of any information that would hurt Clinton.

So trump Jr. did not see a problem to share with public opinion the whole correspondence on this subject, which was conducted by e-mail before the meeting happened. And the President, trump said that he learned about his son meeting with a Russian lawyer from the message of the New York Times.

But the main devastating blow at this stage it is not followed.

The shock was that at the same meeting was attended by former Soviet agent, which previously was not mentioned. Although this former Soviet agent a few years ago emigrated to the United States and even received citizenship, hung in the air unpalatable questions about what purpose he was present at the meeting and why, in earlier statements, his name was not mentioned.

Besides all of this occurred before President trump has a chance to enjoy the calm after the announcement that the first personal meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg he had received from the Russian leader’s assurance: “by God, I do not interfere in your elections.”

Obviously, on the background of recent developments of the case for the White house led by the tramp complex.


© AFP 2017, Saul LoebПрезидент of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of the United States Donald trump during a meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg. July 7, 2017

Spectacular Robert Mueller (Robert Müeller) designated by the U.S. Department of justice to investigate ties trump with Russia during the election campaign, has not said a word on this.

But experienced lawyers that are investigating the Watergate scandal, another dark stain on American democracy, noted that Donald trump Junior and campaign headquarters trump could violate not one but several laws. First of all, this article of the law on elections according to which candidates during the election campaign can not like any contact with whatever was foreign government.

The General opinion of all commentators who are watching the events, including strategists of the Republican party is responsible for the harm that Donald trump is facing during this whole process, and will encounter more in the future, the communications staff and public relations. Almost all agree that this staff, which prefers to keep the veil of secrecy from the moment the first assumption and perhaps causing more suspicion than it could be, refuses to provide sufficient information to Congress, the FBI and the press as long as he doesn’t have to do it negatively influenced the attitude of many of the President Trump, including his electorate.

Secrecy has become so identified with this state, even at the time of this writing it is another thing causing suspicion message. In the document, which was submitted to the Federal election Commission the leadership of the election headquarters of Donald trump, it was announced that one week before the publication of the New York Times reports on a meeting with Russian lawyer trump Jr. paid 50 thousand dollars to the law firm with which he agreed to represent it during the investigation, which began after the last message.

At first glance it may seem that it is a trifle, but here the following questions arise.

— If that Trump Jr. is going to need a lawyer, it is known a week before reports the New York Times, how can you believe what the President trump did not know in advance about this meeting?

— If the payment was made a week before the news publication the New York Times, then why this message didn’t say anything about what trump Jr has hired a lawyer?

— If trump Jr. hired a lawyer to the New York Times reports how the lawyer or lawyers controlled the details which was provided to public opinion, and whether there is another information that is still hidden from public opinion on the advice of these lawyers?

A list of these questions goes on.

While dirty linen, which with each new day comes out, it undermines the credibility of trump at the White house, and perhaps shorten his presidential term, we may still not know the main secrets of scandal trump — Russia.

These secrets probably is the former national security adviser Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), which trump had to dismiss, and when the dirty Laundry comes out, the aftershocks of the earthquake in Washington surely will be felt even in Moscow.