People’s daily (China): which means going through combat trials with the Russian T-14 – the world’s first main battle tank of the new generation?

The sudden appearance of a new coronavirus this spring an unprecedented impact on the world. It has had an extraordinary impact on the world system, affecting the political and economic spheres of all countries. And yet even in the period of epidemic Russia has not stopped scientific and technological research in the military field. 19 April, the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov assured the media that the world’s only new generation tank T-14 “Armata” was a combat tested in Syria.

For what purpose Russia has tested a main battle tank T-14 in terms of actual hostilities? What are the benefits to the Russian tanks of the previous generation, Syrian and even American tanks are hidden under a beautiful shell T-14? How it will affect the present of the Russian army and what opportunities will open in front of her in the future? On these questions the correspondent of the newspaper “people’s daily” Huang Czuczwar highlighted during the interview with the teacher of the Defense University of science and technology of the people’s liberation army of China AO Feng, and invited the academic staff of the Centre for international studies, Chen and Ho Ciuem Suntze.

Battle-tested T-14 gave him worldwide fame

Despite the fact that since the beginning of the development in 2014 and to the testing phase of the US and other Western countries did not pay much attention to T-14, they did not succeed to ignore its tests in a real military action. From the information presented in the media, it seems that Denis Manturov confirmed the use of T-14 on the Syrian battlefields, and explained that the operation of the tank was having some problems. Minister not told about the place and time of the test in Syria, as well as the number of tanks involved and the results of measurements on the ground. The armed forces and the Russian defense Ministry has not announced the specific area of deployment and the measurements on the ground T-14, however, confirmed that by 2022, the army plans to deliver 100 tanks “Armata”. From this we can conclude that Russia has deployed and tested the tanks in Syria on the basis of far-reaching strategic considerations.

According to experts, over the years of the anti-terrorism action in Syria, the Russian side managed to test it a lot of new weapons and military equipment. Unusually dry Syrian desert with complex terrain became the perfect testing ground for Russian weapons. Adopting a particular model of modern weapons, the Russian side puts him to various tests. All weapons, from cruise missiles “Caliber”, to drones, “Uranium”, from the su-35S 4++ generation to unmanned combat robots — worthy in the course of these tests. Given that the armed Syrian opposition uses anti-tank missiles with homing function and without it, the decision to test the newest Russian tank in these conditions was very successful. Mainly battle-tested in Syria was carried out to identify hidden problems before taking the tank into service. In addition, during a pandemic battle-tested T-14 had an impact on the situation in the military field around the world.

Due to many years of military turmoil, sanctions and the epidemic situation situation in Syria has become particularly precarious. Cases of infection with the novel coronavirus recorded in all the countries of the Arab world, their number has already exceeded 100 thousand. Unfortunately, the middle East, the epidemic is at the stage of rapid growth, which threatens the emergence of numerous outbreaks of infection. It is reported that the cases recorded also in the ranks of the American servicemen stationed in Syria, but “security reasons” bases are not allowed to disclose these data. The situation brought the U.S. troops a lot of trouble, but also to some extent affected the implementation of the planned military operations. Despite the fact that the fact that the test T-14 in combat in Syria or test the use of the tank on the battlefield confirm still failed, the messages published by the Russian side in the current situation, not only contributed to raising morale in the ranks of Russian troops stationed in Syria, but have become a warning for all participating forces, urging them to act rationally and not impulsively.

Technical innovations, combining attack and defense

The evidence suggests that to construct and assemble tank new generation harder than the new generation of aircraft. Fighter of the fifth generation is already taken into service, while the tanks of the first and second generation have not lost their positions in the military sphere. The difference in this case is not so much in generation as in the design plan and needs. Despite the seeming simplicity of the appearance of the tank, main and auxiliary means of fire, protective equipment, propulsion and communication system that makes it one of the most complex military machines. That is why a multi-year effort to create the first model of a new generation of strategic importance, and the T-14 is superior in the characteristics of their predecessors.

An integral part of the tank, a powerful armored vehicle of the army, are an accurate means of firing. When creating the main gun for the new tank, the Russian side has pioneered the technology of electroslag remelting, autoreplace and chroming of the barrel, which significantly increased shooting accuracy. Specially crafted munitions represent a new sub-caliber armor-piercing shells to attack enemy targets equipped with high-strength armor. Their length reaches one meter, and allows you to penetrate the armor of main battle tanks, which the West uses now and will use in the future. Tower T-14 is equipped with a 12.5-mm machine gun and 30 mm cannon (as stated in the text — approx. ed.) to destroy the helicopters and planes flying at low altitudes.

About the complex the complex of active protection of the T-14 is to talk separately. “Armata” — the world’s first main battle tank with unmanned tower. This technology has significantly increased the degree of protection of the crew. The need to appear outside of the tank has disappeared, now the crew members can carry out aiming by using the latest electronic optical equipment. Uninhabited turret with four sides is equipped with radar with phased antenna array, operating in the millimeter range, and in the two lower front corners of the optical warning system about threats. Also around the turret are smoke grenade launchers that can be rotated 360 degrees, and each side five rockets designed for active interception purposes. Such a defensive system capable of protecting against missile and artillery strike. T-14 will not be able to overcome even with the horrific attacking ability of the Apache helicopter.

High-tech tank “Armata” possesses a high degree of Informatization. It should be noted that the set in this panoramic scopes and video cameras allow the tank commander to most effectively perceive the situation. Cameras located on all sides, transfer the image on the computer modeling the 3D model, whereby the commander gets more detailed and complete picture. T-14 is fully computerized and automated, it reduces the need for human resources and increases accuracy.

According to experts, battle-tested T-14 are of great importance in the context of the ongoing NATO expansion to the East. This move not only strengthened the authority of the Russian side, but also influenced the geopolitical situation. T-14 is not inferior to the main battle tanks taken into service in the NATO countries, despite their outstanding characteristics. Last year the UK has started to upgrade the main battle tanks of the “Challenger” in the framework of the Challenger 2 Life Extension Program (LEP), however they are still inferior to the Russian T-14 in the agility and opportunities for further improvement.

Series tanks “T” is developing day by day

The world learned about the first Soviet second-generation tank T-64 in the late 1960-ies. With him began the history of tanks of the second generation series of “T”. Currently, the main battle tank is T-90. Since its inception in the 90 years it has been repeatedly upgraded, managed to see a lot in his lifetime, but is still considered one of the most advanced tanks in the world. However, after the announcement that the first new generation tank T-14 passed combat tested in Syria, the first in the world confidently takes it, thanks to the latest equipment and technology.

According to experts, starting with the development of T-14 in 2010 to create many efforts have been made, and now he was finally tested in real combat conditions in Syria. Desert tower, first used in main battle tank, held military trials, not only reduced the weight and reduced the height, but also contributed to a better protection of the crew.

Full of danger on the battlefield of the future defensive capabilities and striking power will become a competitive advantage in main battle tank of the new generation. T-14 is almost perfectly combines the protective characteristics and the shock strength, and the use of an uninhabited tower opened a new page in world history of tanks. The use of innovative technology has greatly reduced the surface of the tank, which can be a blow, but his weight remained the same despite the fact that the armor in the important places was thickened, enhancing the defensive properties of the tank. Along with increased survivability on the battlefield, the increase in firing range of the main gun and the force of impact greatly increased its firepower.

Due to the fighting test in Syria, the Russian tank T-14 has gained unconditional authority. As it possesses the powerful features required for the conduct of the war in 2021 tanks “Armata” plan to transfer into the armed forces and also to export. According to the plan, the army will be a big change, to replace the previous generation of tanks T-90 and old T-80 Armed forces will receive more than 2300 tanks T-14. The Ministry of defence put forward many requirements to ensure timely arrival of equipment in the tank corps. The statement of the Russian side on successful completion of the T-14 combat tests made at a time when all countries of the world are experiencing unprecedented difficulties, was of great strategic importance, as it strengthened the authority of the country in the middle East.