Buying cars on the secondary market: what to pay attention

Despite the expensive gasoline (average of 25 UAH/l) and rapidly risen in the late summer of gas (up to 15 UAH/l), the automotive market is living an active life: cars to buy and sell. However, most customers have gone to the secondary market: unfortunately, for many Ukrainians, buying a new car from the salon is now becoming a luxury, even on credit, and interest on such loans banks to lower yet don’t plan.

However, to choose the “iron horse” used car on the secondary market is not easy. This is akin to buying a pig in a poke, because the so-called secondary housing is not only the market but also the Internet, friends and so-called platforms for cars with mileage. About what pitfalls people encounter when purchasing a car used, and where it is better to choose the “iron friend”, so you don’t have to go with buying directly in the shop, figured out Today.

And the secrets shared with us by the experts — the employee of firm-the intermediary for the sale of cars on the Kiev market Arthur Sovanna and specialist in the sale of cars in the Metropolitan motor Maxim Korobeynikov.

To the salon for a friend

A car cabin is always “clean”: the owner himself is writing his story, starting with the break-in (the better the less the horse will “eat” gasoline) and ending Smoking in the cabin. Another definite plus — a guarantee, which can be from 2 to 5 years or 100 thousand km of run, depending on the model. This means that most of the problems of the car for the next few years the problem of service center. Finally “zero” title is always an advantage. However, for a new smell in the cabin will have to pay 5% of the cars to the pension Fund. If making a loan is 2.5%, plus credit auto, you need insurance.

For more “Zbruev” in the cabin cook for 6-10% of the price

If the car in the cabin “naked”, then mats, alarm, and protection of the engine and the radiator and other “extras” will have to pay. And to buy a set of winter tires (if not left from the previous). So be prepared to add to the value of the selected “horse” another 6-10%. For example, a car for 300 thousand will result in 340 thousand UAH.

And again, hardly “iron friend” leaves the salon — it ceases to be new, and the price is right losing up to 10%. So, opt for a salon car, wait for the discounts: they are on the car last year or the upgrade (facelift) model.

The market for the price

Buy “cat in bag” more likely in the car market: here auto brought to maximum perfection. Washed, after cleaning the salon, amaraticando according to the rules of “good person” cars attract their appearance. As we told the experts that market the highest percentage of spontaneous purchases, especially if the buyer came in with a lady. With a strong desire to persuade the seller not only to sit in the cabin, but take the test drive, although they don’t like it.

Of course, here you can find a good car — no accidents and on-the-go, but high chance of stumbling on dangerous goods. And if you are seriously going to buy a car on the market — take a friend with a mechanic, he immediately appreciated its technical condition. A definite plus of this purchase is that it can draw on the spot, MREO: normally all the cars here have already been removed from the register in red numbers. For the purchase only required a passport and a tax payer ID future owner. Cost this service in 1050 UAH and takes about three hours.

Information. All necessary specified on the windshield. Photo: T. Shahinian

Networking: need money and time

Daily on the largest car website appears to 3 thousand new listings. Here you can buy any car, at any price and from all over Ukraine. According to experts, it is the most reliable resource for this kind of transactions. Here you ask the price, how much does the average pull “the iron horse”, which you supervise. The ad, without seeing the car, and you can bargain from hundreds to thousands. E. if the seller will understand your real interest or he had a very urgent need to sell the car.

Deciding to buy a car here, please note that the time to think you a bit: good cars sell out fast. First of all, the so — called “dealers”: they buy from the owners of marapets and sell for big money. Another minus such a purchase to view the car will have to go to an excellent location owner (well, if it’s the other end of the city, not the other end of the country), at the appropriate time. So with a busy schedule to see a few cars per day difficult, so that the purchase can take several weeks and during this time any car can buy. In addition, such an acquisition does not involve a loan: money is better to have immediately on hand. And if the new Mustang is not enough tens of thousands — take on a consumer loan.


  • Imported second-hand covered 44% of the market of cars in Ukraine

At the site for a car with a mileage

Commission area, or to trade-in (exchange your car with extra charge), a comfortable, primarily because there is supposedly tested the machine. Ie, absolutely “hackneyed horse” there don’t buy sites value their reputation. Such places are buying good for people far from cars and not having friends to STO. They are open all day, where you can see several cars and take a test drive.
Most of these avtoemissionnye cooperate with banks and offer credit lines. But for all these advantages will have to pay a fee of several hundred “green”. Another disadvantage of this place — it sells mostly expensive and very expensive cars that the owners are afraid to offer themselves for security purposes. Or cars that served enterprises, as a rule, vans. Of course, to find a good car for yourself, but search may be delayed.

Tricks: advice from the trenches

“The most expensive car — bought from her, was the opinion of Arthur. You pay for the “clean history”, because “your” do not cheat, but in my practice there was a case when one brother sold the car to another for $3 thousand more expensive than the market. Therefore, the “iron friend” it is better to take from a stranger: with them you can haggle to the last.”

It is better if you will see the machine in its working condition, not after presales. In this case, you’ll really appreciate at least visually the wear and tear, which will give an idea of how its exploited. In addition, it will help to throw off the price.
By car, take the money on diagnostics on the proven SRT. It can be your friends, and independent stations with good equipment. Full diagnostics — check the chassis, paint coating (LPC) with a thickness gauge and computer diagnostics on error — cost 800-1100 UAH.

Ask the seller a set of winter tires: it can not to tell in hopes to sell separately. Usually this bonus is for machines on the secondary market. Better to buy from the owner, and dealers are not optimal from the first owner and he will tell you about all the “ills” that changed what they were doing subsequent owners may not know.