Oleg Lyashko first showed newborn son: a touching photo

The politician has published in social networks

The former Deputy, leader of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko, who has recently for the second time became a father, first showed newborn son.

In the pictures that the politician has published in social networks, he is dressed in a green suit for partnership delivery with the logo of one of the private Metropolitan maternity hospitals and holds the boy in her arms.

“Young dad” – he signed photo.

Photo: Oleg Lyashko/Instagram

Comments policy congratulations, wishing health and happiness to the kid, and one of the wearer declassified and the child’s name, wishing “happy Sasha”. Therefore, we can assume that it is the Greek name of the politician and his wife were chosen for heir.

Recall that on 2 June 2018 after 20 years of marriage Lyashko has registered a formal marriage with his common-law wife Rositas Sairanen. The couple has a daughter, Vladislav.

Also Oleg Lyashko shared plans intention to run for the Parliament instead of the deceased in may, Deputy Valeriy Davydenko.

Previously Lyashko told the Cabinet, as it was necessary to protect the business from taxes.