Tanks, aircraft, ships: the defense Ministry told about Russian troops near Ukraine

Ukraine continues to be under threat of a major war with Russia as the invaders concentrated in the Russian-Ukrainian border a large number of military equipment, as well as 18 thousand soldiers. This was stated during the meeting of the Interparliamentary Council Ukraine-NATO in Kiev the first Deputy Minister of defense Ivan Rusnak, reports UKRINFORM.

He called the number of Russian troops deployed along the entire Russian-Ukrainian border.

“On the territory of the Russian Federation close to Ukraine’s border today deployed units of the Russian Armed forces number more than 18 000 troops, about 1 370 tanks and armored vehicles, 300 artillery systems and multiple rocket launchers, about 700 combat aircraft and helicopters, 24 combat vehicles,” – said Rusnak.

He also noted that Ukraine is for Russia a kind of a testing ground for new weapons and tactics of warfare.

As reported on March 24, near the border with Ukraine were seen dozens of new Russian tanks, which the occupants were transferred to the Rostov region.

In turn, the Ukrainian intelligence recorded the network of training centers for training of commandosdeployed on the territory of Russia and the occupied Donbass.