Aftonbladet (Sweden): how to quit Smoking

Decided to quit Smoking? Very good. This means that the first big step has already been done. The next step will be to change their habits. Here are eight tips that will help you succeed once and for all.

It won’t be easy, but especially difficult to have in the beginning. But nothing is impossible — you can do it. We have listed specific techniques that step by step will help you to forget about cigarettes forever.

1. Select a date

Define a clear date, for example, two weeks. Then you will have time to prepare. Also decide to reduce the number of cigarettes gradually or quit Smoking at once.

2. Write a personal list

What you will gain and which will lose? Write what you personally to quit Smoking. Good tip is to attach this list on the fridge, so every day he reinforced the motivation.

3. Take notes while Smoking

Each time write down what it feels like to smoke. Perhaps you are glad, you are saddened or stressed out? Because of this you will get an idea how much smoke, which means every cigarette and why you want to smoke it at certain moments.

4. Avoid anything that reminds you of Smoking

When it comes to the date, it’s time to begin the journey to life without cigarettes. And then it would be good to avoid places and situations that remind you of Smoking. This can be the balcony, Smoking on the job or Smoking buddy. In the beginning it is especially important.

5. Provide auxiliary means

To quit Smoking can help products containing nicotine e.g., patches or gum. If you are 18 years of age, they can without prescription buy in the grocery store or pharmacy, but if you are younger, you have to go to the doctor.

6. Decide what to do when you want to smoke

Craving for cigarette will from time to time to sneak up to you. And it’s good then to refer to a pre-established list of activities that can be a distraction. For example:

To go out and run

To practice

To eat something

Drink a glass of water

Brush your teeth

To call a PAL

A strong desire to smoke a cigarette usually lasts only a few minutes. Perhaps, it’s good to know!

7. Reward yourself

For extra motivation, you can defer the savings on cigarettes money. And then buy yourself something nice.

8. Let family and friends will help

This is a very important point. Tell your surroundings that you’re trying to quit Smoking, and use the support of family and friends. Ask them to cheer you on, for example, do not smoke during your meeting with them.