Expressen (Sweden): brown bread healthier than white — and even four myths about bread

“Bread makes you fat”… Or not? Bread loved by many, but how is it useful — or harmful? Institute of bread and dietitian Maria Zitelli (Maria Sitell) listed five common myths about bread.

The bread was delicious, but, although stories about “dangerous” bread is basically a myth, there still should be in moderation (Yes, but it’s in everything we eat). Bread in one long pull, so to speak.

Brown bread healthier than white

Rye bread healthier than white? In fact, the bread can be black for different reasons, e.g. due to giving it the color of the syrup. The use of bread is determined by the number in it of whole grains, which prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is better to take whole grain bread and don’t forget it can be as black and white.

Bread makes you fat

No, it is not. The weight depends not on what you eat and in what quantities — and what with the move. It is important the ratio of the absorbed calories/energy and calories that the body spends. From bread rich in whole grain, you’ll definitely feel full (and therefore strong and full of energy) longer than the bread with a small amount of whole grains.

For bread the abdomen is inflated

“Restless stomach” rarely is associated with the consumption of bread. Gases may be liberated from stress, sedentary lifestyle and inadequate fluid intake. The most common cause is irritable bowel syndrome, which is associated with stress. Maybe the stomach because you ate something to which you have an intolerance? Talk to your doctor or dietitian to help determine what food is right for you.

Bread contain bad carbohydrates

The main source of energy for the body — carbohydrates, which are contained in, for example, pasta and bread. Carbohydrates are also necessary to make red blood cells and the brain worked as it should. Therefore, we need to eat more carbohydrates present in whole grain.

Whole grain bread helps reduce fluctuations in blood sugar, and therefore you will be fed longer. So, it will be easier to resist and not to eat in between excess calories, which the body then can’t get rid of.

Bread is not real food

A sandwich with something tasty it can serve as a full meal. Of course, it all depends on what sort of bread you choose and what will make a sandwich. If you take whole wheat bread, you get proteins and proteins, but if the top put a boiled egg, avocado, a few slices of Turkey and perhaps of leaf spinach, the body will be completely satisfied and full.

That’s why it’s good to eat bread

The use of bread good for our planet, especially if you make “green” sandwiches. The cultivation of wheat, rye and oats doesn’t affect the climate, such as meat and dairy production. It is therefore reasonable to eat more bread. And if you bake bread yourself, it will save money and reduce the use of plastic, causing the planet great harm. In addition, the composition of the bread you will be able to determine for yourself.

Five reasons to eat more bread, to take care of the climate

1. The cultivation of grain for bread is about as little effect on the climate as the cultivation of legumes (in the air gets less than 1 kg of carbon dioxide and its equivalents in 1 kg of product)

2. Throughout the production chain of bread requires very little water.

3. In Sweden grown a lot of grain, so bread production the raw materials do not have to drive from afar.

4. Bakery efficient use of the furnace, so that energy is consumed sparingly.

5. Every fourth Swede eats bread different foods, so less food goes in the trash.