The New York Times (USA): “enter the army”

This week participants of mass riots have plunged many American cities into the abyss of anarchy, Recalling the wave of lawlessness and violence that swept the country in the 1960-ies.

The most serious riots in new York occurred on Monday night, when mayor bill De Blasio (Bill de Blasio) has taken serious measures and did nothing, and Midtown Manhattan, a wave of lawlessness. The streets were roaming gangs of looters, destroying and despoiling hundreds of stores and firms. Some even went to the exotic cars. For the rich thrill-seekers, as well as other criminal elements these disorders have become a mass entertainment.

The brunt of the violence of the outbreak fell on the police, which was significantly less than rioters, and that prevented to perform their duties helpless policy. In new York protesters in cars ran to the cordons of police at least three times. In Las Vegas member of the riot police shot in the head, and that is now in “severe” condition. In St. Louis four police officers suffered gunshot wounds while trying to disperse the crowd, who threw them in the bricks and olivashow their gasoline. In another case, a 77-year-old retired police captain was shot as he tried to stop looters who robbed the pawnshop. “That’s somebody’s grandfather,” cried a bystander, appeared on the scene.

Some elites justify this Orgy of violence in the spirit of “radical chic” and call it quite an expected reaction to the death of George Floyd (Floyd George), who died in the result of misconduct. These excuses built on an outrageous equivalence, according to which morally rioters and looters are equal to law-abiding participants of peaceful protests. Not to be confused with the majority of those who are trying to protest peacefully, with gangs of delinquents and miscreants.

But these riots have nothing to George Floyd, inconsolable relatives who condemned the violence. In fact, the nihilist criminals just crave the extraction and thrills that they experience, destroying everything in its path. And representatives of leftist movements such as antifa, get into the crowd of protesters to use the death of Floyd in their own anarchic goals.
These rebels, if not to tame, not only destroy the livelihood of law-abiding citizens, but will take more innocent lives. Many representatives of the poor who continue to suffer from the effects of past shocks will be even poorer.
Order on our streets will restore in the first place, that is a decisive show of force to disperse, arrest, and, most importantly, curbing the violators of the law. But local law enforcement agencies in some cities, support is much needed, and divorced from the reality of policy in other cities refuse to do what is necessary to ensure the rule of law.

The rate of spread of the wave of looting and riots may vary from night to night, but the time has come when the Federal government needs to support local law enforcement. Some governors used National guard forces, but others refuse to do it, and in some cases, the rebels still outnumbered the combined forces of the police and the National guard. In these circumstances, the law “On combating the rebellious action” empowers the President to use the military “or any other means” in “cases of rebellious acts or obstruction of the law.”

This is worthy of honoring, a time-honored law is almost the same as our Republic does not mean the imposition of “martial law” or the end of democracy as ridiculously claimed by some excitable critics who do not know any law in our history. In fact, the Federal government has prescribed in the Constitution, the duty of States to “protect each of them from internal strife with violence”. Throughout our history, presidents have many times used this law to protect law-abiding citizens from riots. It is not a violation of the law “On restricting the use of Federal armed forces on U.S. territory”, which limits the participation of the army in law enforcement, but clearly represents the exception that is defined by such rule of law, as the Law “On countering rebel activities.”

For example, in 1950-e and 1960-e years, presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower (Dwight Eisenhower), John Kennedy (John Kennedy) and Lyndon Johnson (Lyndon Johnson) has called on the military to disperse the crowds, who were opposed to the abolition of racial segregation in the schools or threatens the life of innocent innocent people and property. Such was the case in my own state. In 1957, Governor Orval Faubus (Orval Faubus), the Democrat-racist, deployed our national guard to prevent the coeducation of whites and black children to Central high school of little Rock. President Eisenhower sent the Guard into Federal jurisdiction and sent to little Rock, the soldiers of the 101st airborne division. According to him, if he did not, it “would be tantamount to supporting anarchy.”

Relatively recently, in 1992, President George Bush senior ordered the Seventh army infantry and 1,500 Marines to protect Los Angeles during the race riots. He admitted that he was very dissatisfied with how it dealt with Rodney king (Rodney King) (“what I saw caused me nausea”), but he knew that violent rioting will only lead to an increase in the number of victims among representatives of all races and all sectors of society.

It is not surprising that the public is on the side of law enforcement and the rule of law, not the rebels. According to a recent poll, 58% of registered voters, nearly half of whom are Democrats and 37% of African Americans would support the city authorities, if they attracted the military to “suppress protests and demonstrations” organized “in response to the death of George Floyd”. Maybe in the chic salons, this opinion is expressed is quite rare, but, nevertheless, the fact that it is shared by many, is a fact.

Americans see perfectly all the manifestations of injustice in our society, but they know that the most important duty of the government to maintain public order and provide security. In normal times, to maintain public order can local law enforcement agencies. But in rare moments such as this, additional measures are needed — even if many politicians prefer to wring his hands at a time when the country is on fire.

Tom cotton, Republican Senator from Arkansas.