TOP 10 habits that harm your professional image

Professional image is important not only for people who work in top positions. It is an important component for every person who strive to grow and develop.

If you want your actions do not cause any thoughts of incompetence, listen to the advice of a businessman and a contributor to Inc. and the Washington Post Billy Murphy, transmit Mscam.

He recommends that you avoid certain habits that can negatively affect your image.

1. The use of profanity

This comment really deserves first place in the list. But that’s not the profanity itself, although it is rarely become a good helper. It’s laziness. If someone uses swear words, for example, as a universal adjective, it makes you wonder about laziness and lack of imagination of these people concerning all their Affairs.

2. Late

Punctuality is a sign of respect. If you have an appointment, come on time, and that you will show that is professional enough to stick to his word.

3. The habit of staring

We need to control themselves and keep their interested views under control, otherwise you will look very unprofessional.

4. Excessive optimism

As an example, Billy Murphy leads the novel by Eleanor porter’s “Pollyanna”.

“Now, I’ve always worried about having too much unrealistic optimism of the protagonist. If you don’t know what it is, read the description to the book. And if after the complete failure of colleagues or partners, I assure you that it’s all right, they thus undermined their professionalism,” – he said.

5. Irresponsibility

If the head wind walks, is a sign of variability and irresponsibility. Agreed with someone about a meeting or promised to do something and didn’t? Sorry, but you are irresponsible.

6. Disorganization

Everyone who gets over 1000 emails a day, falls into this category. Most of those involved in the business understand that customers expect a quick response. They want you can immediately offer solutions in a given situation. If you are not able to deal with their own Affairs, how you will be able to deal with the issues of their customers?

7. The vagueness in the statements

Kind of obvious, isn’t it? But despite this, many people do not understand. And it makes them look somehow unprofessional because they seem unable to come to the essence of what I want to say.

Here it is fashionable to add and problems with grammar. Though, probably, we all know smart people, professionals in their field, which let the language due to the lack of necessary knowledge or because the language in which we communicate, not their own.

8. Secrets

Of course, we all have a right to privacy, but the business almost never intersects with it. But in spite of this, if you hide important information from employees or customers, you are not doing anything good for his reputation as a leader and may cause them to doubt whether they can trust you.

9. Too many promises

Once my colleague, a specialist in the sale, said that her art sales is to “promise a maximum in terms of what you can implement”. Entrepreneurs often overestimate their capabilities. And so it’s important to be sure that in the end, your promises will not be empty, says Murphy.

10. Fraud and lies

Obviously. As told George Bush: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.