Country (Ukraine): the grass and the Crimea. What really happened with the Ukrainian paratrooper, who was detained by the FSB

In the Ukrainian army scandal — from observation post on the border with Crimea lost soldier-a paratrooper. The command Mat a day since the disappearance, said that he was kidnapped by the Russians. Then Russia has published a video in which the soldiers, being intoxicated, he goes into the hands of the guards. And then he testifies. “Country” examines this strange story.

“He was kidnapped”. Version Of Ukraine

May 31 afternoon, the command of the assault troops has published a disturbing report. “Yesterday, may 30, 2020, about five o’clock in the morning, on one of the objects in the area of the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula was discovered the absence of the soldier 95 separate airborne assault brigade.

Since the discovery of the disappearance of a soldier was immediately taken of the investigative measures, but the results they gave. According to preliminary information, the soldier could be kidnapped. Not far from the place of accommodation of the military personnel were signs of a struggle.

We emphasize that the personnel engaged for duty in this district is in possession of weapons, ammunition and radio equipment. Observation posts a few soldiers on duty. Ammunition and weapons missing serviceman — available”, — stated in the DSV.

That is, hinted at in the command, we are talking about the kidnapping, as near the place where was situated the military, found “signs of a struggle”. However, these traces are not shown. Not explained why in the location were left weapons and ammunition kidnapped soldier. Then said that’s the name of the soldier Eugene dobrinskiy and that he has served in the 13th battalion of the 95th brigade of the airborne troops.

After the appearance of this information, many Ukrainian media started to speak about the kidnapping of a soldier, as a fait accompli. Earlier this was written by the chief editor of “Censor” Yuri Butusov. He stated that “the probability of a voluntary move Dobrinsky to the enemy is missing”. “This night dobrinskiy served as one. At the time of the abduction, he was unarmed. It took unarmed!” — told his version of events Butusov.

According to Butusov, the fighter at the time had the status of a sentry in the observation post, “Sycamore”, which is at the forefront. The question of why dobrinskiy, if you believe Butusov, has taken up the post naked and without ammunition, was at that time the main in this story. How could it be? Why would a soldier on the frontline to walk around without that, what determines his safety and life?

There are other issues. How could it match that Eugene, after he came out unarmed to watch, and immediately took? And why other military saw nothing and did not intervene? In General, a very strange story. But soon came another explanation.

“Smoked weed”. FSB version

On Tuesday, July 2, the Federal security service has published their version of events. Providing her two videos. On the first Eugene dobrinskiy, his eyes lowered, said that on may 29, was on leave. And went to a nearby village Sivash cigarettes. There he met locals who drink at the bus stop, and joined the festivities — and even he smoked “weed”.

The celebration lasted until the next morning. Then, with a full package of marijuana obtained from local, being in a state of extreme intoxication, went aimlessly. As it turned out — went straight to the positions of the Russians, who were detained.

“On may 29 about 22:00-23:00 went to the village of Sivash for cigarettes and met a local company who were drinking alcohol at the bus stop, they called me in. I came to them and started with them to drink, smoke weed. And gave me, I put in your pocket,” — said Eugene dobrinskiy.

Further efesbeshniki showed how Ukrainian soldiers in the clearly inadequate state, in unbuttoned jacket and splayed hands, is on the rails, meet fit for him, the Russians and gone. Resistance when it it has not. That is, if you believe the movie, I wasn’t kidnapped.

FSB vs Eugene opened a criminal case under article 322 of the Russian criminal code — illegal border crossing. “During the personal search of the detainee found and confiscated a substance of vegetable origin, presumably a non-narcotic, which is directed for examination”, — said the press service of the Ministry.

“There has to be Panama”. The Reaction Of Ukraine

In the command of the airborne troops has already declared Russian a fake video, and the questioning of Eugene Dobrinsky — production, because the soldier was pressured. If this information were true, the video with the appropriate expertise would be published on the first day, not after three days. Such minimum need the secret services of the Russian Federation, to psychologically handle the detainee, threatening violence and other actions”, — stated in DSV.

Note that the command itself reported “kidnapping” of a soldier only through the day. Also, the command has noticed that the Ukrainian military are now special Panama, not the cap. “When setting the video (posted in a few days), the Directors of the FSB is not taken into account important details that attest to its unreliability. Headdress uniforms in this section are defined Panama the summer, and not cap the field, which put the soldier” — say the Marines. Speech, apparently, about Panama, which in 2015 is adopted “adopted” APU.

However, his version of the events in the Ukrainian army is still not explained. And did not answer the question of how a fighter could be without weapons and ammunition. FSB version at least explains this phenomenon according to Dobrinsky with a video, he was on leave. While the Ukrainian side this fact is not commented and has not officially said — the vacation was a fighter or were on the watch. Or even had a rest after watch. And while this is a key question.

Meanwhile, Butusov, who has previously claimed that Eugene was kidnapped, abruptly changed his mind. “Yeah… the story of the “kidnapping” of a soldier of the 95th air assault brigade Eugene Dobrinsky turned a great shame… I will Remind, initially the Military service law stated that dobrinskiy “was stolen”. And then the command of the airborne troops said that dobrinskiy was abducted, but the earth is discovered “signs of a struggle”. While CDSW noted that dobrinskiy served weapons.

And so we looked at the record and what conclusions can be drawn from this entry and the words of the soldier:

1. Eugene dobrinskiy, apparently, was inadequate and was moving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Dobrinskiy was not kidnapped. He did not resist the enemy. Sad. Dobrinskiy from the Rivne region, the only son of his mother, his wife is waiting with a small child… In any case he is not worthy to be in the ranks of the APU.

2. Dobrinskiy said that was not on the job, and therefore was not armed. And GSP and CDSU stated that he was on a mission and was on duty at the observation point — that is, left behind their weapons. If dobrinskiy was not in the guard, so you should examine the actions of outposts, which missed him to the enemy for some reason. If dobrinskiy was in the guard and silently moved to the enemy, then the problem is in the organization of the service,” wrote the chief editor of “Censor”.