In the UK, the thief stuck in the bathroom window on the second floor

In the UK sentenced a thief who was trying to get into a private home through a window and got stuck, reports BBC News.

The incident occurred in the town of Radcliffe, greater Manchester. Returning from the store an elderly woman noticed that the bathroom window on the second floor of her house open, and from it hangs a strange man.

Called police found the thief is helpless, stuck on the outside wall at a height of 4.5 meters.

“We laughed, but the hostess was very shocked by this,” he told reporters Sergeant Richard garland police greater Manchester.

Firefighters took twenty minutes to extract the man from the window and pass it to the guards. On the ground 47-year-old Sean Croshaw confessed to the attempted burglary to commit theft. The court sentenced him to imprisonment for a term of two years and five months.

In December it was reported that U.S. police arrested a thief who got stuck in the vent. Local residents heard his screams and called the police. Arriving police found the suspect in the pipe on the roof of the pizzeria.