Zelensky told as to attract investment to Ukraine: 7 billion for 18 months

The bill is about “invest-nanny” will be soon registered in the Verkhovna Rada

Investment office which will be centrally engaged in the issue of attracting investment in Ukraine will open in September. This was at a press conference on the first year of his presidency, said Vladimir Zelensky.

“Investment office we will open in late September. We have hired a head master (Levan) Varshalomidze, who built Batumi. There is now a change in personnel policy. … We decided that one single transparent office will work in September. And only he will deal with all investment. The first plan I have offered them, there is a quick plan of investment in Ukraine for 18 months in the amount of $ 7 billion. Is already clear the company understood the people,” the President said.

Vladimir Zelensky also said that the bill is about “invest-nanny” will be soon registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

“The current world crisis, and we need to fight for investment. Now the world is a kind of economic nationalism. Everyone thinks about their country. Everything slowed down any investment, but we will fight. so we cut the bar. There was a condition that “invest-sitter” if I were an investment to Ukraine 100 million dollars. Now we want this number was less. We are not only on foreign investors. We will also think about the Ukrainian investors, who turned to us with that. This is for all, so we lowered the bar… up to 30 million dollars”, – said Vladimir Zelensky.

Earlier at a press conference Zelensky told how to save the economy of Ukraine.