People were shocked by the act of man: for one night he planned a meeting with six women

On Monday evening a lot of popularity in the network has received a chronicle of the truly “mad” good-bye, which Plant Lisette (Lisette Pylant) shared with Twitter users. In General, the evening ended quite well, as she was expecting to meet with the man who appointed her date, came with a small time interval is five women.

In their tweets, Pilant wrote about how she dated a guy who was recommend to her friends.

Lisette Pylant: “Theme-warning: so I go meet the guy that brought me my friends at my birthday (Yes, it’s a bit hazy)”.

In short, Plant wrote that the man she did not particularly like, but she decided to stay at the bar because there was a one of her buddy. Then, 45 minutes later, at the bar there is another girl named Kristen. Her man set up a meeting after Lisette.

Lisette Pylant: “Here I come, and it sucks, but I decide to stay, because the bar my friends.”

“In General, 45 minutes is shown as a contender, because the guy made a double booking. Then he decides to franzinite me to get out”.

Plant up a company guy, as we found out BuzzFeed, News, name is Justin and his new companion, they had a drink together, and then he for a moment left the room.

“We chatted, and Lisette was going to ask, so I did not suspect, — tells Buzzfeed News Kristen. — Justin then someone called, he left the bar, and Lisette told me to run and said this guy sucks”.

“This confused me because I thought they were friends, but then she told me that he invited her to drink at five o’clock, warning that in 6:15 he had a meeting with friends (that is, apparently, me)”.

Shortly thereafter there is another girl — and also goes to a bar to meet Justin. A total of three.

Lisette Pylant: “let’s Call her Katie — Katie responded to my idea to make this guy feel like a jerk as he really is, and about half an hour we chatted.

Here comes the third girl — let’s call her Riley. The guy is removed again, and Riley, Katie and I decide to join, is now our handsome guska”.

After spending some more at the bar, two girls and Palant decided to go and sit in some other place, and left Justin unpaid bill.

© Fotolia, KzenonФлирт at the bar

At that time Pylant thought it was over — meanwhile, her friend from the bar texted her that Justin is already sitting with the new girl. Then Plant sent one of his friends to the bar to “check out the girl that was scheduled for eight”.

Lisette Pylant: “seriously, he won’t let this go! The bartender just tells us that the handsome new date, so I sent my friend to retrieve the girl who was scheduled for eight”.

“I steal his girls and make them my friends, and I so fit this role.”

In the end all girls sat in a nearby bar. Here they are new friends who share a common experience.

Lisette Pylant: “Now we all sit together at another bar”.

Soon the meeting with Justin came another girl (that makes five), but buddy Pylant “caught her” and advised him to join the others. So now the group of potential “girlfriends” Justin is stuck in another bar, preferring the company of a young man’s communication with each other.

Lisette Pylant: “My friend is now arguing with the aforementioned guy and his current companion (# 4) about why she should not be wasting time it is better to leave.”

Mrs. steal your girl” is already here.”

By the time when there was girl number five, Justin rides, and, apparently, immediately invited her to go to the other girls.

Lisette Pylant: “Girl # 5 Allie joined his “best friends forever””.

“He said to the girl number five, it’s intercepted and that she passed Hello to me at the bar. Then she invited him to sit with us.”

Then began the devil knows what.

Lisette Pylant: “looks Like he didn’t like it, and he accepted the fact that I wanted to laugh last.”

“A friend of mine came, said number five about what happened, get her phone number, here is their conversation.”

And four of the girls became “best friends” at another bar.

Lisette Pylant: “People, I don’t even use apps to Dating! It’s something incredible.”

“Something to gain, something to lose — but, fortunately, in the process you have three new friends. For your health, ladies! We better not contacted”.

In Twitter this forum thread has become extremely popular. Yet she has more than six thousand retweets (and their number continues to grow), enjoyed discussing all the awesomeness of this story.

Abkvs: “Damn, the great ordeal was in Washington? I can’t believe I missed it”.

Olli Crusoe: “Just to read this thread of messages have been worth the effort it took to check in on Twitter and more than two-year stay there.”

Jeanice: “68-year-old grandmother seemed to have transferred to that bar where you sit! Thank you for sharing. Very funny!”

Miriam Pultro: “It Is. Just. Incredible. We are in Melbourne now afternoon, and I anxiously monitor events and wait for the denouement (on the train). Can you all make friends”.

Answering questions from BuzzFeed News, Justin said that all that happened was a misunderstanding, but that he understands why some people can be… a little annoyed the occurred events.

28-year-old project Manager from Washington (D.C.) Justin said that recently broke up with his girl were together for 18 months, and “was really looking for my second half.”

“I consciously tried to meet with the greatest number of people as possible, and at first just wanted to talk,” he said.

“It wasn’t Dating — there is a confusion — it was six conversations at the bar. I know that there may be something unpleasant to the person, and not everyone will appreciate my sense of humor, but I tried the short conversation to see and feel that we are compatible or not.”

“If not, I politely say, “Hey, we got hardly anything happens…” I can’t understand what man was, judging by one of his written communications”.

Justin said that he understands why the events of that evening so unwound on Twitter.

“She thought that she will be a real date, and when it turned out differently, she didn’t like it”, he said.

One of the meetings organized by Justin, according to him, was really successful and in the coming days will be a real date.

“I don’t know if I’ll be again to do it,” he said.

“It’s not just like, I’m not trying to convince everyone. I just want to meet a bunch of people and talk to lots of people. I’m sure my approach will cause many a misunderstanding, but time is the only thing in life that we ought to control because it’s the only thing we have.”

On which side you stand, you will agree: the story still the same.

Lisette Pylant: “Go to @ANXOcider! There are great bartenders and they have covered us all night. This bar is just super.”

“What time we live!”