Ex-Putin’s adviser explained how to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty

To achieve results in the future, you need to start doing something today, says Illarionov

Ukraine has not achieved the change of format of negotiations with Russia in the Donbass
and to defend its sovereignty by strengthening the economy, state, political system, the military component and security.

About this senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, former adviser to the President of the Russian Federation (2003-2005) for economy Andrey Illarionov said in an interview with “Today”

“Nothing else to give the desired effect may not. Moreover, even if success is achieved in all these areas, it does not mean that the restoration of full sovereignty over the entire territory of the country will happen tomorrow, after tomorrow or in a year. This is a long-term strategy, for years and decades. And it is possible that not this President, not even the next one can achieve ultimate success” – said the expert.

He recalled that West Germany took more than 40 years to regain control over the entire German territory and unite with the GDR.

“He who began this policy, the Chancellor of Germany, Konrad Adenauer, did not live to see the day of unification and saw the results of what he started. France lost in 1871, Alsace and Lorraine, almost 50 years could not get them back. She was able to do it only when this has been necessary geopolitical conditions. The French, who began this process in the 70-ies of the 19th century, the vast majority did not see the results of their actions,” he Podarochnoe Illarionov.

According to him, this is the harsh reality of international life, when the country becomes a victim of the aggressor, much superior to the victim on the basic parameters.

“But in order to achieve results in the future, you need to start doing something today. Now, after six years from the beginning of the aggression, the annexation of Crimea, war in Donbass, the deaths of nearly 14 thousand Ukrainians, we see that the path to long-term success of Ukraine is not too far,” he complained.

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Andrei Illarionov