Summer vacation-2020: when open borders and if we can go to the sea

Cyprus is ready to open its borders to tourists from June 16, but all entering will be obliged to present a certificate of absence COVID-19, made in the last 72 hours

With the approach of summer, more and more Ukrainians are interested in how and where to plan your vacation and plan it at all. When open borders? Which countries can enter for tourists “health passport” with a mark about absence COVID-19? How to keep social distance in planes, hotels and on the beach? The Cabinet has stated that the resumption of flights will begin from June 15. But everything will depend on the lifting of restrictions on entry of foreigners in other countries, as well as from the mass testing COVID-19 in the Ukraine as long as Kiev airports, according to European aviation safety Agency (EASA), classified as areas with a high risk of infection with coronavirus.

New flight rules

The article “the Opening of air gate of Ukraine: when you are traveling abroad, and can now buy tickets” website “Today” already wrote that even in the hard period of quarantine, when all borders were tightly closed, some Ukrainian and European airlines selling tickets didn’t stop. However, after publications in mass-media of the Ukrainian UIA locked in your tickets before July 1.

The most popular among Ukrainians destinations – Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia. Now different search engines already on 16 Jun give flights to Rome, Barcelona, Antalya and Zagreb. However, with transfers. But in Athens the Hungarian Wizz Air offers direct flights from Kiev (Zhulyany) for 2609 UAH, although officially neither Greece nor Ukraine has not yet announced the opening of the borders. However, Wizz Air is almost the only airline that even rigid quarantine has not suspended the sale of tickets.